Where best to place a washing machine

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Few of us can enjoy the luxury of a separate laundry room. Most of us have to think within the limits of a regular household and find a place where:

  • The washing machine is not in the way, yet easily accessible.
  • Is within reach of water supply and drainage.

1.      Washing machine in the bathroom

Most common solutions in recent generations - practical for several reasons. There is usually no problem with water supply and drainage in the bathroom. If necessary, it can be solved with an outlet into the bathtub. The most popular are front-loading washing machines, and in smaller spaces also narrow and top-loading washing machines. A practical solution for apartments is combined washers and dryers, with which you no longer have to cope with where to hang-dry wet laundry.

  • Advantages: You can also put the dryer, laundry basket and washing detergents in the bathroom. Simply shake out dirty laundry, or prewash it in the sink. Humidity and dripping water are not a problem.  
  • Disadvantages: If you want your bathroom to be a wellness zone, the appliances may be somewhat in the way.

2.      Washing machine in the kitchen

If you want to relax in the bathroom rather than looking at a full laundry basket, consider moving the laundry zone to the kitchen. A built-in washing machine can easily be incorporated into your kitchen cabinets, so it won’t be visible at first glance. Manufacturers design these types not to vibrate or make noise while washing or spinning. You can place a standard model in the cabinet as well, but make sure to measure the interior dimensions of the furniture thoroughly first. Leave a space of minimally 5 cm on each side.

  • Advantages: You will save space in the bathroom and the washer does not disrupt your interior.
  • Disadvantages: You cannot stack a dryer on top, your laundry basket probably won’t be nearby and your choice is narrowed down to front-loading models.

3.      Washing machine in the “technical room”

A storage or technical room is often a standard part of apartments in new or even some older buildings. Placing the appliance here is the most elegant solution of all. You can hide the dryer, laundry basket, hanger or laundry detergents behind the door of this 13th chamber.

  • Advantages: You can put everything that’s out of place elsewhere in the technical room.
  • Disadvantages: If you can’t see the washing machine, you might forget the laundry in it. This is easily solved by choosing a model with acoustic signalisation when the program ends.

If you need advice, help with installation or selection of accessories, our brand-name service is here for you.


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