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Tips for practical gifts for every household

How do you please somebody who doesn’t like useless items? We offer 5 tips for practical gifts that will find their use in every household.

1. Can opener

can opener KitchenAid

Price: 890 CZK

This stylish opener will easily cope with any can and save the recipient time, which they can use for more enjoyable activities. It has a robust body made of refined stainless steel and a pleasant non-slip handle. The renowned reliability and quality of the KitchenAid brand is obvious even in the smallest tools - the designers tuned the can opener down to the finest detail, making it a fine-looking piece for kitchen decoration. Choice of 2 colours: red and black.

2. Water treatment filter

Water treatment filter

Price: 1,950 CZK

A correct drinking regimen is half your health. Give it to your loved ones! Every day, we should drink the equivalent of 0.035 times our body weight in kilograms of fresh drinking water. How to go about it? Sometimes, tap water is too hard, other times it has too much chlorine or even harmful bacteria. With a water treatment filter, you can be sure that your loved ones will drink truly clean and thereby healthy water.   

3.  Non-stick pan for all types of ranges

Non-stick pan

Price: 3,290 CZK

No matter if you’re choosing a gift for somebody who cooks every day, or on the contrary only when they have to, one cannot make do in the kitchen without a proper pan. This model with a universal diameter of 25 cm will contain anything from pancakes to a whole fish. It brilliantly combines the conductive properties of aluminium and the resistance of stainless steel. It safely withstands any kitchen utensils, without the risk of scratching. You don’t even have to worry about what type of range the recipient has, because this pan goes with all types, from induction to electrical ranges. And that's not all – the pan can also go in the oven, meaning it can be used to make a fragrant pork roast or oven-baked pasta. Additionally, the handle will never get hot, which means you can carry the ready meal straight to the table.

4. Set of 4 ceramic roasting pans

set of ceramic roasting pans

Price: 3,990 CZK

Basic kitchen equipment also needs a set of roasting pans for healthy braising, roasting and grilling. Juicy chicken, duck, fish, lamb or roasted vegetables can be carried in these beautiful ceramic roasting pans  straight to the readied table. Their robust retro design induces an almost grandmotherly homely atmosphere. The roasting pans are also useful for reheating finished meals and cab even be put in the dishwasher.

5. Juicer


Price:  from 9,900 CZK

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices provide the necessary live enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances. They clean the organism, support digestion and cell regeneration. Everybody should drink at least 0.5 litres of them per day! What’s more, the recipient can take delicious and tasty juice with them anywhere and think of you at work or during sports. A high-quality juicer will make maximum use of fruits and vegetables and offer easy cleaning.

And the most practical tip at the end:

If you are looking for a practical gift, check our offer of WPro professional accessories for kitchen appliances. You can create an original package for washing or drying with liquid detergent or a fabric softening ball for the dryer. Or put together a set of cleaners for oven, refrigerator and stainless steel surfaces. 

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