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The End of Czech-style “Turkish Coffee” in Bohemia: A comprehensive overview of coffee courses around the Czech Republic

Does your morning coffee fail to smell, taste and give you a kick as it should? Maybe you keep making any number of the needless mistakes during its preparation. Eliminate them and enjoy any of these popular coffee-making courses.



Online coffee-making courses

Coffee learning

Free online courses for both baristas and home enthusiasts. Professionals will guide you online through the theory and practice of coffee making: from the selection of ingredients to proper serving.

Website: Coffee learning   Place: From anywhere   Price: FREE OF CHARGE



Prague, the Capital


The renowned quality coffee roasting plant has answered the wishes of its customers and now it also offers various training courses: a basic course of home brew coffee, filtered coffee, espresso and a professional barista class. 

Website: doubleshot   Place: Prague – Karlín   Price: From CZK 2,000

Coffee Embassy

The organisers of the Prague Coffee Festival and coffee culture promoters in Bohemia invite you to both specialized classes (Latté Art, espresso, alternative procedures) and delicious degustation.

Website: Coffee Embassy   Place: Prague – Holešovice   Price: From CZK 1,850

Kávový klub (Coffee Club)

Experienced baristas Zdeněk Smrčka and Adam Dvořák prepared cool classes for both amateurs and beginners. You actually don’t need expensive machines to make a delicious beverage - just a couple of aids and a desire to taste “the whole world”.

Website: Kávový klub   Place: Prague – Karlín   Price: From CZK 1,690

Škola kávy (School of Coffee)

Currently, the biggest training centre in the Czech Republic offers afternoon courses for the public and classes for specialists. The making and serving of coffee is understood here as an art that they will be happy to teach you.

Website: Škola kávy   Place: Prague – Hloubětín   Price: From CZK 1,200

Ola Kala

There’s no “piccolo” and an espresso has less caffeine than filter coffee. Surprised? Come to take in other interesting facts from Tomáš Komberec. The key content of classes is, naturally, to master the preparation of both the known and unknown coffee drinks.

Website: Ola Kala   Place: Prague – Vinohrady   Price: From CZK 2,900

Coffee Club Academy

Michal Nováček, the winner of the international competition Barista Open, will present to you the journey of coffee beans from plantations to your table during his home brew class, which takes 2–2.5 hours. In the practical part, he will show you the favourite alternative ways of preparation – drip, French press, AeroPress and others. Other courses for professionals and amateurs are also on offer.

Website: Žijeme kávou   Place: Prague – Vysočany   Price: From CZK 1,000


Real masters will teach you how to make a healthy espresso and how to froth milk properly on top-of-the-range two-lever coffee machines. These courses will broaden the horizons of both the beginners and baristas who wish to take a step forward.

Website: Segafredo   Place: Prague – Vysočany   Price: From CZK 1,000

Univerzita kávy (Coffee University)

It continues in the tradition of the Italian masters from University del caffè of Trieste. The project for enthusiasts from both the public and the professionals is sponsored by Illy, manufacturer of premium coffee.

Website: Unicaffe.cz   Place: Prague – Karlín    Price: From CZK 2,500

Školení baristů (Barista training)

Adam Neubauer, the Czech Barista Champion 2012 and 2015, teaches basic and advance techniques mainly to professionals. However, he also offers custom-tailored courses, e.g., for employees of coffee houses.

Website: Školení baristů   Place: Prague, or as arranged   Price: From CZK 3,500



Region of Central Bohemia

Coffee courses

The popular female barista, participant and judge of many competitions, Petra Veselá sold her coffee house and has fully dedicated herself to teaching beginners and advanced learners in the specialized training centre in Jílové u Prahy.

Website: Kávové kurzy   Place: Jílové u Prahy   Price: From CZK 3,900



Region of Ústí

Kavárna Coffeeup

Intense coffee courses aimed at preparation of espresso, cappuccino and other specialities with degustation included. They take place under the patronage of Martina Pechová, the winner of the BR Costa competition.

Website: Kavárna Coffeeup   Place: Ústí nad Labem   Price: From CZK 1,600

Caffé 08

A practical course with a tour of a coffee roasting room and degustation included. You will learn, among other things, how to take care of roasted coffee beans so that they last as long as possible.

Website: Caffé 08   Place: Děčín   Price: CZK 2,500



Region of Liberec

Sweet City

Basic barista courses, Latté Art and alternative methods, such as the Dripper or AeroPress will be keenly taught by the professionals from Liberec. They also offer deliveries of divine smelling coffee directly to your office.

Website: Sweet City   Place: Liberec   Price: Upon request


Moravian-Silesian Region

Cafe Eternity

This coffee house also takes pride in its own roasting room specializing in premium Arabica and espresso blends. The tutor, Lucie Nadymáčková, will teach you at the classes to make and enjoy your coffee. This in actual fact is an art, too.

Website: Cafe Eternity  Place: Albrechtice near Český Těšín   Price: From CZK 900


Region of South Moravia

Škola baristy (Barista School)

The first “barista school in the Czech Republic” organises training courses for amateurs, professionals and companies. Become a Latté Art or Coffee Drink specialist under professional guidance!

Website: Škola baristy   Place: Brno   Price: From CZK 2,500


In Brno-Veveří, in the coffee house Kafec you can enjoy a proper breakfast and premium coffee specialities from renowned roasting rooms and plants. They will teach you to prepare a delicious beverage in 7 ways, including the so popular filtration.

Website: Kafec   Place: Brno   Price: CZK 1,490



Region of Zlín

Caffe Zone

It offers a four-hour course HOME BARISTA and a day-long training course BASIC BARISTA. In the first course you will learn all you need for quality home coffee making. The day-long training will broaden your knowledge through, among other things, grinding techniques and you will learn about the parts of a coffee machine and their maintenance.

Website: Caffe Zone   Place: Zlín   Price: From CZK 690

We will further keep an eye on the coffee courses and keep you updated on this topic. Are you aware of any other ones you didn’t find on our list? Please leave a message and we will be happy to add them. :)

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