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Review of the New Whirlpool FWG91484W EU Washer

The range of free-standing front-load washers has been recently extended with a new Whirlpool model designated FWG91484W EU. What are the greatest pros and cons of this washer, which you can currently buy for CZK 9,900? You can find out it in the lines below.

This A+++ energy class appliance holds up to 9 kg of laundry, which it can spin dry at 1,400 rpm. Apart from 12 basic programs, it offers two interesting functions – FreshCare+ and Clean+, thanks to which washing is even more efficient.

First impressions after unpacking

The Whirlpool FWG91484W EU is made in a traditional white and draws attention at first sight with its excellent, modern design. All parts fit well and you will not encounter any sharp edges. The dominant feature of the front is a large door, which allows seeing the washer interior through the glass. Thanks to the large opening angle and the 33cm wide inlet opening, loading and unloading laundry is very easy. The stainless-steel drum is driven by a CIM SilentMotion induction motor for which the manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty.

Above the door, there is a large control knob, which looks good, On/Off and Start/Pause buttons, and a well-arranged LCD display next to them.

With regard to its capacity of 9 kg, the model ranks among the larger washers, which is proven by its depth of 63 cm and weight of 72 kg. On the other hand, the height (84.5 cm) and width (59.5 cm) has remained small, so the washer can be installed, for example, even in a kitchen unit. It is only necessary to plan for sufficient space in front of the appliance, because the mentioned depth in combination with the wide-open door take up a large amount of space.

Unfortunately, the washer is not equipped with leakage protection and the AquaStop safety hose is also missing in the package. If required, it can be purchased separately.

A few observations from installation

Although it is possible to have the washer connected by a technician at a small charge, beginners can also manage to install it thanks to the clear instructions. The only tools needed are a 12cm wrench and a water-level.

The procedure itself includes several steps. First, the four transport safety screws must be removed on the rear. Then the appliance is levelled by means of the height adjustable feet. And finally, the hose and electric cable are connected. Their length is over one metre, which is sufficient in most cases.

Before using for the first time, it is recommended to start the washer with no laundry in it to remove all residues after manufacture.

Operating it is a piece of cake

Although some people may find the washer complicated at the beginning, really anybody can learn to operate it thanks to the easy-to-understand Czech manual. The most complicated thing is probably to remember the meaning of the symbols on the control panel, which have no captions. It is necessary to keep looking into the manual at the beginning, but after a few uses, one will remember everything important.

Individual programs are selected with the round controller, which is very easy to work with. Let us only add that in our opinion its marking should be a little more distinct. The temperature, rinsing intensity and spin-drying are set with the buttons along the sides of the display. These also allow locking the buttons, setting a delayed start or starting the FreshCare+ and Clean+ functions.

We have praised the wide door, which opens easily and thanks to which the handling of laundry is very pleasant. Therefore, we will jab a bit at the detergent feeder opening, which runs quite stiffly and makes you afraid that you might break off a component. However, we must praise the possibility of removing the entire feeder and simply washing it. The individual compartments for the main washing, fabric softener, and prewashing are also clearly arranged.

Enough programs and functions

The 12 programs include, among others, cotton, eco-cotton, white laundry, jeans, sport, or a fast program. You can find the whole range, including the maximum capacities of laundry, which differ in each program, below:

As you can see, the range is broad and will fully satisfy most users. However, more demanding customers will probably miss special programs for removing animal hair or washing shoes.

The detail setting of most programs can be adjusted to your taste. For example, the temperature in EcoCotton can be set in the range from 20 to 60°C and the speed from 600 to 1400 rpm. The length of washing, as well as the optimum water and energy consumptions are handled solely by the 6th sense technology. Some people may not like that they cannot shorten the programs in any way.

As regards the functions, we must praise the delayed start with a very good range. The start of a wash cycle can be delayed by up to 24 hours with an accuracy of one hour, or half an hour (during the first 12 hours). The child lock is reliable too. It prevents the buttons from being unintentionally pressed by your rambunctious little ones. Unfortunately, even when it is engaged, the on/off button still remains functional, which rather reduces the practicability of the whole lock.

The display shows the remaining time during the wash cycle, but take it with reserve. It sometimes works very accurately, but it has been significantly off target a few times.

Last but not least, we must not forget to mention the special functions – FreshCare+, which freshens laundry using steam and prevents bacteria from forming, and Clean+, which serves for the better removal of stains from laundry.

The washer washes and spin dries excellently

As is usually the case with new Whirlpool appliances, the FWG91484W EU model also fulfils its main function very well. The laundry is washed excellently and, at 1400 rpm, spun dry well. The spin-dry efficiency does not reach the results of the best models, but still, nothing can be reproached.

High stability at work is a standard. If you level the washer correctly, it will stay in its place and will not travel anywhere.

As regards the length of the wash cycle, it varies greatly thanks to the quantity detection system. The fastest program is finished in 30 minutes, but other programs with full loads and intensive washing can easily exceed even 4 hours. It always depends on the selected program, the amount of laundry, its absorption capacity, additional functions, speed, etc.

Economical and silent run

The Whirlpool FWG91484W EU ranks in the energy class A+++ - 10%, which means that its operation is 40% more economical than class A appliances. This will undoubtedly please your wallet when the electricity and water invoices arrive. Let’s add for completeness that the reference annual consumption is 11,690 litres of water and 196 kWh of electricity.

Although with its 52/79 decibels the washer ranks rather to the average in relation to noise, we definitely could not complain about noise during testing. It was only whispering during washing and could not be heard, and even during the spin-dry cycle, the noise was more than acceptable.

The final verdict

We can only recommend purchasing the Whirlpool FWG91484W EU washer. It is an excellent appliance at a reasonable price and, besides the quality of the washing and spinning-dry, you will be pleased with the ample number of programs, well-arranged operation, and economical running. With its capacity of 9 kg of laundry it is designed for four-member households where a lack of space is not a problem.

The only major disadvantage we can see is in the absence of water leakage protection, which can be solved, however, by additionally purchasing an AquaStop hose.


  • Washing and spinning-dry quality
  • Economical running
  • 9kg capacity
  • Delayed start
  • Easy to operate and control


  • No water leakage protection
  • Poor opening of the detergent feeder
  • The timer is not always accurate
  • Shoe program missing

This review was created in cooperation with the review server testado.cz.

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