Review of the French-door Hotpoint E4D AAA X C refrigerator

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1. Why did you decide for a new fridge?

The original one was old and uneconomical.

2. What criteria did you base your choice on?

We are a two-member household, we don’t have any special nutritional demands, so we always buy a larger fridge than two people really need.

In general, the following criteria were decisive for us:

  • Energy class
  • Functions
  • Noise level
  • Price to functions ratio
  • Dimensions

The 4-door fridge Hotpoint E4D AAA X C won mainly on account of its design. I like that apart from its economical energy class, it also saves additional energy by separately opening the doors. You just open the part in which the food you need is stored. This is very handy and far better arranged than our original fridge.

AP Servis TIP: Read what the differences between American and French-door fridges are

3. How did AP Servis persuade you for this purchase?

They had the product in stock, at a reasonable price, and they are based in Prague.

4. How did the transport and fridge connection agreement take place?

The agreement was excellent, I appreciate the transport free of charge including collection of the old fridge. The only problem was probably the wrong information regarding the location. The carrier left the fridge in the middle of the room, packed in the original polystyrene and foil. I managed to connect it on my own, it’s quite easy, but unpacking was rather a difficult task due to the weight and volume.

AP Servis NOTE: We are very sorry about that misunderstanding. We naturally take the packing material away upon request. However, we also often deliver appliances which the customer plans to install later. That’s why we do not automatically unpack the goods on site.

5. What was your first impression after unpacking the appliance?

I liked its appearance – it actually looks better than in the pictures. It has a super stainless-steel surface on which really no fingerprints remain. I was also surprised by the freezer, specifically its segmentation. I didn’t expect it to be so spacious.

6. Now, after a few weeks, which properties of the fridge would you point out?

  • The zero zone for storing meat and vegetables
  • The No Frost system, thanks to which I don’t have to defrost the freezer
  • I also appreciate the ice bin with a storage container

7. Is there anything that you are not satisfied with?

I miss having an egg container a bit, but it’s only a minor thing.

Otherwise, I’m glad I have the fridge, I’m very satisfied with it. I wasn’t disappointed with AP Servis either. Thanks a lot!


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