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Mobile versus wall-mounted: Which air conditioner should you choose?

Why bother with heat when there is air conditioning? Just select the right one. The differences between mobile and wall-mounted air conditioners will tell you which type is best for you.

There are many types of air conditioning units. They vary mainly in the way they are installed, but of course also in performance and complementary features. The most widespread are portable (mobile) and wall-mounted air conditioners, built-in "firmly".

Mobile air conditioners: Ready to work in 5 minutes

Portable air conditioners are the easiest way to cool your flat, house or office. The bigger box sized appliance contains the entire cooling system. Hot air is conveyed by the hose outside the living quarters, most often through the window. Once you find the right place, you can start to cool.

It is necessary to have an electrical socket and a window (or chimney shaft) for the air hose outlet within reach. Operation is a little louder than with wall-mounted types. It also has a relatively high weight (around 30 kg), but thanks to its sturdy wheels, it can easily be moved from room to room.

Modern mobile air conditioners have many smart features. The device itself regulates the temperature according to your setting and adjusts the air flow rate in the sleep mode so that you are not disturbed. By one button it can cool just the air around you, or it can cool (in about 5 minutes) the room to a pleasant 18°C (in spurts). The effective HEPA filters remove pollen, fine dust and other allergens.

Advantages of mobile air conditioners

  • Immediate installation
  • Simple operating and handling
  • Lower purchase costs (Whirlpool's top-quality air conditioners start out at CZK 8,399)
  • Use throughout the apartment - just move it to another room.
  • Simple removal after the season

Disadvantages of mobile air conditioners

  • It requires the closeness of windows or a fireplace and an electrical socket
  •  An open window can bring warm air back into the room. A solution is provided by a high-quality installation kit
  • Higher noise level
  • The need to drain the condensate for types without an automatic evaporator
  • It will only heat up at an outdoor temperature above 10 ºC

TIP: Learn how to select and install a mobile air conditioner comfortably.

Wall-mounted air conditioners: Comfortable solution for the entire year

Wall inventor air conditioners are placed in the specific room they should cool. During installation, minor construction modifications need to be taken into account. 2 holes for the pipe between the inner and outer units must be drilled into the wall with the widia drill bit. They then cool down, dehumidify and clean the air in the room steadily throughout the year. They heat up according to your needs as well - unlike mobile air conditioning - regardless of the outside temperatures. Their operation is very quiet.

In addition to the quick cooling of a room and airflow adjustment during sleeping, they also have a fan, a timer and very sensitive filters even for the finest air pollutants - including bacteria and some viruses. Their advantages also include an elegant design that does not disturb the aesthetic impression of the interior.

Inventor wall air conditioning units consist of two parts - indoor and outdoor units. You have to think about the appropriate location of the outdoor unit. This is usually attached to the cooler, shaded side of the building. For the installation work, please call an expert to ensure that you do not damage the electrical and other wiring in the house during the work. The subsequent comfort will compensate you for your initial work.

Advantages of wall-mounted air conditioners:

  • You set the desired temperature and do not deal with it any more
  • Immediate warming on cold days, regardless of the outside temperature
  • Higher performance and efficiency
  • Less noise than mobile air conditioning
  • Inconspicuousness - do not aesthetically disturb the appearance of the room

Disadvantages of wall-mounted air conditioners

  • More demanding installation with the need for building modifications
  • A higher purchase price (from 16,000 CZK for one room, without masonry work)
  • Only one cooled room (cannot be transferred)
  • It heats up only at an outdoor temperature above 10 ºC

A well-chosen air conditioner replaces not only a fan, but also the air purifier. Whether you choose a mobile air conditioner or a built-in air conditioner, you cannot imagine your life without it. Enjoy your summer at home and office without sweat and fatigue!

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