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How to store food in the refrigerator properly

Do you want to extend the lifetime of food that you store in your refrigerator? Set the correct temperature and lay out the shelves properly. Your ingredients will stay fresh for several days longer as a result!

Maintain the ideal temperature in the refrigerator 

If the temperature is too low, the food risks frosting, while at higher temperature there is a risk of dangerous bacteria growth. Prevent this by setting the right temperature in the refrigerator. Optimally, it should be between 0 °C and 5 °C. It certainly must not exceed 8 °C.

When buying a refrigerator, take into account how much food you will usually store in it. If you fill the refrigerator to bursting every other day, air will not circulate among the foods.  This means the space will not be cooled properly. In this case, you should choose a larger refrigerator.

Tip: Whirlpool refrigerators with Fresh Control technology and an Active0° box

Do you store lots of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables and want to keep them fresh for longer? Choose a refrigerator with an Active0° box, which prolongs the lifetime of foods without the need to freeze them thanks to separate air circulation and a temperature of around 0 °C. 6th Sense Fresh Control is also a practical technology, which automatically maintains an optimal humidity (around 70-80 %) and temperature. It also balances temperature changes more quickly when the refrigerator is open. Food thus stays fresh for up to 4 times longer.

What does the correct fridge layout look like?

Let’s take it from bottom to top:

  1. Fruit and vegetables belong in the bottom boxes of the refrigerator, which offer the optimal humidity and temperature. But be careful! Exotic fruit like bananas, pineapples or citruses don’t belong in the refrigerator at all! The same goes for vegetables with high water content - like tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants or cucumbers.
  2. The shelf above these boxes is the coolest place in the entire refrigerator. Store easily perishable foods here: typically meat and fish.
  3. One level up is the right place for milk and dairy products.
  4. The temperature is highest on the top shelf. Store butter, already cooked foods or open packages intended for fast consumption here.
  5. The temperature in the refrigerator door reaches up to 11 °C. Place foods that don’t mind this here. These include eggs, preserves, marmalades or beverages.

What to look out for

Always open the refrigerator for the shortest possible time, to avoid warm air coming inside. Likewise, do not put freshly cooked, hot food inside. Always cool the food to room temperature first.

Do you have a small refrigerator where nothing fits? Bet a new refrigerator with the right size and save energy for its operation.

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