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How to defrost and clean your freezer in 6 quick steps

Is the interior of your freezer decorated with a layer of ice? It is time to defrost it. Just one centimetre of ice increases consumption by up to 75 %!

Get rid of ice and dirt in one hour

Just follow these 6 easy steps:

1. Switch off your freezer

If you have a combined refrigerator and freezer, you do not have to unplug it. Switch off only the freezing part. The refrigerator can be on.

2. Take out all the food and drawers

Open the appliance door and take out all the food and put it into containers and store it in a cool place. Packing food into cloths or towels keeps a lower temperature for a longer time. Drawers and other parts might be frozen to the walls and you might not be able to remove them. Leave them in their places and wait until the ice thaws. Definitely do not use brute strength.

3. Prepare for runoff

Place absorbent cloths under and in front of the freezer. Some freezers have a drain pipe which takes the water in a prepared container. This will greatly save your work.

4. Start defrosting

The easiest way is to wait until the ice thaws itself. If you are in a hurry, use a plastic spatula and scrape the ice off in small pieces. Never use metal tools which could damage the plastic surface. A rag soaked in hot water could be helpful too if you gently put it on the ice.

ATTENTION: It is sometimes recommended to blow-dry with hot air. However, this is not safe for you or for your appliance. Hot air can damage your appliance from inside irretrievably.

5. Wash everything carefully

When all the ice loosens and the water runs off, it is an ideal time to clean the freezer. Use a special cleansing spray or water with vinegar. Doing so will remove bacteria and odour. After washing, dry everything carefully. This will prevent the repeated formation of ice. Remember also to wash and dry individual drawers and other removable parts.

6. Put the food back

Now you can switch the appliance on again and after a while put all the food back in its place.

TIP: Read also how to defrost your fridge.

Automatic defrost – and the problem is solved

If you want to avoid the unpleasant defrosting process next time, look around for a freezer with a No Frost function. You never need to defrost these appliances and you do not have to be afraid that their consumption would increase because of a layer of ice. No Frost technology works on the principle of cooling by means of cold air circulating inside and taking humidity away. This is why ice is not created on the surface.

5 tips on how to improve the operation of your freezer

Do not waste your money unnecessarily. Just follow these instructions during handling and maintenance:

1. Pay attention to proper location

The freezer should not be close to an oven, stove or heating. They emit heat and make the appliance cool more, thus increasing its consumption. Similar damage can be caused by direct sunlight.

2. The freezer should have enough space

Leave at least 10 cm behind the appliance so that the air could run to the exchanger. And you can get to these places with a vacuum cleaner better so that you can remove the dust from the compressor and condenser.

3. Do not leave the door open

Quickly take what you want out of the freezer and close the door immediately. The more hot air that gets inside, the faster ice is created. 

4. Hot food should not be in the freezer

Let the food you want to put in the freezer cool down completely first. If you put hot food inside, the freezer would have to increase its performance significantly (thus its consumption too) and ice would form as a bonus.

5. Check the door

If the rubber seal is cracked or otherwise damaged, replace it as soon as possible,

Do you need advice with the selection of a spare part or help with maintenance? Our branded AP Servis is here for you.

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