6 benefits of semi-professional Whirlpool appliances

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Whirlpool PRO 025 IX - hlavní obrázek

1.   Reliability even in demandingly daily operations

Standard washing machines, dishwashers, ranges and other household appliances are designed and tested by developers for average load in a typical household. This means a limited number of hours for ranges or cycles for dishwashers and dryers. If you make heavier use of the appliance, it is better to rely on a professional type. The used technologies and parts guarantee maximum performance and reliability even in all-day mode.

2.   Use for commercial purposes and households

Semi-professional appliances can be used in any operation with a 100% guarantee of safety, quality and great results. Of course, emphasis is also placed on saving time and costs for water, electricity and gas. Thanks to these features, they are becoming increasingly popular in households.

3.   Emphasis on ease of use and continuous innovation

Experienced designers for the Whirlpool brand now how important it is to operate appliances quickly, easily and safely. They continuously develop new and better functions for your convenience, financial and time savings. An excellent example is the smart 6th Sense technology, which Whirlpool uses in almost all of its appliances. For instance, in washing machines it reduces energy consumption by up to 30% and saves up to 1/2 the time compared to standard types.

4.   They meet the strictest safety, functional and hygienic tests.

All the appliances in the semi-professional series undergo strict tests in terms of safety, hygiene and functionality. Whirlpool thinks its products through to the final detail: from the quality of individual parts to ergonomic handles. More information and technical specifications are available in the current Whirlpool appliance catalogues.

5.   Certification according to relevant guidelines

Semi-professional Whirlpool appliances meet the relevant guidelines for mechanical devices. As the operator of a bistro or bed&breakfast, you can be sure that these products fulfil all safety and other guidelines according to valid legislation.

6.   Complete equipment for kitchen and bathroom

In the Whirlpool Professional series we offer:

  • Washers and dryers for effective but gentle care for fabrics.
  • Refrigerators and freezers for safe and hygienic food storage.
  • Microwave ovens for easy heating and preparation of meals and beverages.
  • Dishwashers for dishware and special types of glass for fast, reliable and gentle washing.

The robust workmanship and elegant design of the Whirlpool brand will fit well with any interior. The option of buying spare partsdetergents and other WPro accessories is a matter of course.

If you are interested in equipping your professional kitchen, contact us. Our authorised AP Servis is also at your disposal for maintenance, warranty and post-warranty repairs.


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