Supreme Care washers and dryers: 7 features that beat the competition

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Let us introduce the most important technologies, functions and programs that Supreme Care appliances feature. In addition to intuitive controls and beautiful Absolute design, they have other trumps up their sleeve.

Common benefits of Supreme Care washers and dryers

1.   6th Sense intelligent technology saves energy, water and time

Supreme Care washers and dryers have a 6th sense, which takes care of perfectly clean and dry laundry. This sensor technology automatically evaluates the load quantity and sets the cycle parameters accordingly. This ensures the best results while preventing water and energy wastage. As a result, you don’t have to wait until your laundry basket at home is full. You can wash and dry even half-sized loads.

2.   SoftMoveTM  technology guarantees extremely delicate washing and drying

Appliances in this series offer smart SoftMoveTM technology. This adapts the movement of the drum to the type of load. It reduces stress and damage to fibres and takes extra delicate care of clothing. Yet it cleans and dries clothing quickly and effectively.

TIP: If you want to buy a washer and dryer at once, take a look at specially priced Supreme Care sets. Your appliances will then match perfectly in your bathroom.

Benefits of Supreme Care washing machines

3.   You practically won’t hear the silent washer motor.

Supreme Care washing machines are equipped with an amazingly quiet and reliable motor with ZEN technology. It is so quiet you can do laundry even in the middle of the night. Not even the spin cycle will wake you up! This is because it doesn’t use a classic belt to transfer kinetic energy. The motor with variable rotations is controlled by special electronics and is connected directly to the drum. As a result, the washer does not make noise or vibrate.

At the end of 2014, Supreme Care washers were appraised as the quietest on the market. And the manufacturer would bet its name on them - you automatically get a 20-year warranty on the ZEN motor.

TIP: Among the quietest and most efficient of all is the Whirlpool FSCR 90430 washing machine. With you, you can get it with free shipping.

4.   With PrecisionCleanTM, you will use the minimum amount of laundry detergent

Supreme Care washing machines are not just quiet, but also extremely efficient. This is due to a combination of SprayWash and SprayRinse technologies, which consist of the direct injection of water with laundry detergent or fabric softener through jets in the drum. The mixture penetrates deep into the clothing fibres, making washing more effective and efficient. This reduces both water and energy consumption, and laundry detergent usage.

Benefits of Supreme Care dryers

5.   Dryer with 3DryTechnologyTM gently dries laundry without crumpling

Supreme Care dryers also have plenty of benefits – powerful heat pumps or the 3D Airflow system, which ensures even air flow. Inside the appliance, there are air jets which together with the new type of lifter create air cushions that protect the laundry from falling to the bottom of the drum. This prevents crumpling and dries everything gently and carefully.

6.   SteamCareTM rids you of the need to iron

The SteamCareTM anti-crumpling steam program ensures that you usually won’t have to iron laundered and dried clothing anymore. It uses residual humidity to create steam, which enlivens and straightens the fibres. As a result, it effectively prevents the crumpling of clothing. 

7.   The WoolExcellence program is simply created for wool lovers

If you like woollen blankets and garments, you know that careless cleaning can easily damage them. But not Supreme Care dryers! They have the best wool program on the market - WoolExcellence. It consists of a combination of sensor technology with dynamic air streaming, slow drum rotation and low drying temperature. Hence, it does not damage wool but pampers it with every drying cycle.

Would you like a Supreme Care washer or dryer, but don’t know which one to choose? Contact us.


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