Introducing the iXelium™ technology: 3 reasons why you will love it

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What is the iXelium™ surface from Whirlpool?

iXelium™ is a patented surface treatment for Whirlpool stainless steel appliances. A unique nanotechnology is used in their production. iXelium™ guarantees high resistance to chemical and mechanical wear.

Yet the basic principle is simple. A protective barrier is created on the surface, which minimises the risk of scratching while ensuring the lasting colour of stainless steel. The “ageless” surface is already available on many types of kitchen appliances – from cooktops to hoods.

1.  Stainless steel appliances don’t lose their shine and don’t yellow

Are you unhappy with the way old appliances change colour over time? There is no such risk with appliances that boast iXelium™ surface treatment. They preserve the same colour and shine as when you bought them.

2.  Up to 17 times higher resistance to scratching

The traditional stainless steel surface of standard appliances is often inadequately protected against scratching. Then you need only accidently touch it with kitchen tools or carelessly move a pot, and there is a problem.

This does not apply to iXelium™ products. Their surface is 17 times more resistant to external wear and scratching. What’s more, they don’t mind switching between hot and cold: iXelium™ appliances are 11 times more resistant to heat burden.

3.  Cleaning? Incredibly easy!

iXelium™ is an absolute blessing for cleaning. Very little sticks and it does not require any special care. You don’t have to buy any special products, just a simple sponge and a bit of warm water or a drop of washing detergent. You can easily clean everything off with natural, non-aggressive detergents that do not harm the environment.



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