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The history of AP Servis dates back to 1991. It entered the online world in 2011. We operate both the e-shop spotrebice-whirlpool.cz and the highly specialised spare parts shop servis-whirlpool.cz under the same brand.

We started using both the Heureka and Zboží.cz product search engines in 2012. We are proud that both of our e-shops enjoy equally high ratings. It is a reward for our efforts to maintain superior levels of customer support.

Heureka recently amended its rules for adding reviews. As a result, we know that all the reviews from real customers. This means greater relevance for us and greater credibility for customers.

Our customers most often choose and praise us for:

  • Close specialisation on the Whirlpool Corporation family of brands including original accessories:
    We are one of the few to choose not just Whirlpool best-sellers, but the complete range from dishwashers to refrigerators to washing machines – including WPro accessories and spare parts.
  • We also offer warranty and post-warranty servicing:
    We are guarantors of Whirlpool servicing and one of the few Czech retailors that can order parts directly from the factor and mediate their retail sale alongside wholesale, which has long been established. We have 15 internal mechanics and 100 contractual partners across the country.
  • Products in stock:
    We never lie about our stock supplies: We have the fastest deliveries from the producer and our own warehouse on an area of 1000 m2.
  • Delivery time:
    We maintain an average delivery time of 2.8 days.
  • Affordable price and free shipping for most products.
  • Private shipping in Prague and convenient services including home delivery, installation, ordering for a specific time of day.
  • Speed and standard of communication with the customer.
  • Showroom in downtown Prague

We don’t just want to sell to you, but if necessary also give you expert advice in choosing and caring for your Whirlpool Corp family appliance (Whirlpool, Bauknecht, Indesit, Hotpoint, KitchenAid). We have already answered more than 1,500 questions on the Heureka help page.

Our aim is to be there to help you throughout the lifetime of your appliance.

Where customers see room for improvement:

  • Private transport with installation limited to Prague at present
  • Sometimes it is difficult to reach us immediately by telephone
  • Parking around our showroom
  • They would like stores in Brno or Ostrava and other cities

We are working on it...

Transport outside of Prague is ensured by our contractual carrier Toptrans. It now also offers expert installation service. We are also working on nationwide coverage for our service network - this will make us one of the few retailers to offer expert installation of the entire range from built-in refrigerators to inverter air conditioning.

We are also planning to open new branches and distribution points. We would like to ask Prague 10 for another parking space near our showroom.

Our telephone communication centre employs 9 operators, and sometimes they get very busy. Please be patient, or contact us via e-mail or social networks, where we will answer within a few minutes.

Support us in the Shop of the Year 2015 competition

We want to keep improving. Therefore, we would like to know how we stand compared to other Czech e-shops.

Are you satisfied with our services? Vote for us in the Popularity Award in the Shop of the Year poll. You can vote until 28 February 2016.

Thank you for your custom and valuable feedback!


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