Pre-Christmas competition for KitchenAid jug kettle

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Prize: Stylish KitchenAid jug kettle in red

It is not necessary to introduce semi-professional KitchenAid kitchen helpers. They combine a stunning retro design with a masterful processing of the best materials. You cannot overlook them in any kitchen. These who own them agree they are a love for life.

In this year’s pre-Christmas competition we compete for the most popular model of jug kettle in a beautiful red colour. Thanks to its capacity of 1.5 litres, it is suitable for smaller as well as larger families. Tea and coffee lovers will certainly appreciate the possibility to choose the exact temperature of the water prepared.   

Tell us your favourite cookies and the prize can be yours

What to do to win? Just one thing – send us your favourite Christmas cookie recipe to comments below the competition on Facebook! The competitor getting most “likes” from others by 11. 11. will make their Christmas punch in the new kettle this year.

Competition rules:

  • We compete on e-shop AP Servis Facebook.
  • Insert your favourite cookie recipes into comments directly below the competition. You join the competition automatically by inserting your comments.
  • You can add your recipes and likes until 11.11.2016, 23:59:59.
  • The winner will be published immediately after the weekend.
  • Votes from viral and competitive profiles will not count in the spirit of fair-play.

In the event that there is a tie in the voting, the decision will be made by the jury of our Christmas cookie experts who are hard to please:

Ivan Soukup

AP Servis Senior technician

Favourite Christmas cookies: Rum balls


Jan Míčka

Manager and co-owner of AP Servis

Favourite Christmas cookies: Linz tarts and Christmas wasps’ nests


Zuzana Veselá


Favourite Christmas cookies: Vanilla rolls and gingerbread cookies


Good luck!


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