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New KitchenAid Experience Store in London: You should not miss out on it

Are you going to London? Stop by at the newly opened “KitchenAid Experience Store”: Presentation of this top kitchen equipment of the most premier brand of the Whirlpool Corporation family.

Are you going to London? Stop by at the newly opened “KitchenAid Experience Store”: Presentation of this top kitchen equipment of the most premier brand of the Whirlpool Corporation family.

Top performance, exclusive materials, iconic design ... There is nothing in the products that has not been fine-tuned by KitchenAid. Both housewives and professional chefs from around the world love the legendary powerful Artisan Stand Mixer offered in many colors. The range of small aids has been gradually complemented by the first refrigerators and stylish built-in appliances. The Czech market is still waiting for their launch.

Cherchez la femme…

It all started with the idea of a woman, Josephine Cochrane, who was sick of never-ending dishwashing and thus designed a motor-driven dishwasher in 1886. She sold the first models to luxury hotels in the U.S., and shortly before her death, she came up with a smaller version for the household.

Ohio engineer Herbert Johnson followed up on Josephine’s work in 1919. He was watching a baker who was struggling to prepare dough using a common spoon. Back at home, he then drew up a motor-driven mixer. When he let his wife test it, she cried out: "I don’t care what you call it, it's the best kitchen aid I've ever had." More than 20,000 pieces of the nowadays-legendary stand mixer were sold in 3 years. It was even used by figures such as Henry Ford and John Barrymore.

That's how the KitchenAid brand came into being. Today, it works with the best designers and chefs in the world and keeps coming up with new ideas that inspire the gourmet world.

Iconic Artisan Stand Mixer

iconic robot artisan

It was the iconic Artisan Stand Mixer that brought real fame to the brand. The first version was created in the 1930s. Amazingly, the original design was so brilliant that, apart from some minor variations, it has been left unchanged to this today. The worldwide boom came in 1994, when KitchenAid extended the variety of color variants and thus brought color to what was then a world of white kitchen appliances. Bright colors have become synonymous with KitchenAid – as has its emphasis on detail.

Newly opened experience showroom in London

At the prestigious address at Wigmore Street 98, you can see a breathtaking presentation of the best that KitchenAid has to offer. The "Experience Store" is arranged over 2 floors. The products on display can be touched, and some can also be tried “with your palate". Skillful hostesses will brew a good coffee for you or invite you to culinary shows and cooking courses starring KitchenAid.

kitchenaid store london

  • On the ground floor, you will find the best of KitchenAid, including the super-sized iconic appliance.
  • On the first floor, the product display continues complemented by real kitchen designs, and you can try out the appliances or watch cooking demonstrations there.

You can follow the current events in the "Experience store" on the official KitchenAid website.

The KitchenAid brand in the Czech market

kitchenaid artisan colours

Do you long for a mixer or appliance from this legendary brand? Not a problem. We offer all the KitchenAid products that are available for the Czech market. The range has recently been complemented by the long-awaited mini Artisan in six gorgeous, vibrant colors.

Unfortunately, the Czech Republic still lacks the official representation of this premium brand of the Whirlpool Corporation family. Likewise, we do not have a complete assortment. We are impatiently waiting for the arrival of the refrigerators and gorgeous built-in appliances, for example. In the London showroom, you can see them in both a classy stainless steel design and a breathtaking black gloss design. 

Out of the KitchenAid products for the Czech market, we recommend

  • Ingenious Artisan kitchen appliances, priced from CZK 13,990
  • Novelty: Handy mini appliances with an amazing 250W zinc engine
  • Practical mixers that can produce slush-ice and vitamin smoothies in a minute
  • Multifunctional food processors for easy slicing, cutting, grating and preparation of puree

Many thanks go to the local agency in London for an unforgettable tour of the Experience Store. When you are in the British capital, you should not miss out on this gastronomic and technological delight.

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