CES 2018 in Las Vegas: Whirlpool receives awards and brings the smart home a step closer

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The history of CES (Consumer Electric Show) goes all the way back to 1967, when the 250 exhibitors presented for the first time new industrial trends in New York City.  Over the next 50 years, the event has grown to be more than 10 times larger: in 2018, 3,900 companies from 150 countries presented their latest products in Vegas.

CES 2018: Cars, drones and the smart home

Tech giants as well as eager start-ups presented their latest innovations in all fields of technology from audio technology through to home fixtures, drones, virtual reality and finally up to the well-known 3D printing. The automobile industry, however, turned the most heads at CES 2018 – specifically the self-driving cars, which are finally becoming a reality.

“Smart objects” controlled over the Internet were the overarching topic for the whole conference. The Whirlpool brand has ventured into this area, too. Its stand was one of the biggest from among the household appliance manufacturers at CES 2018.

whirlpool on CES 2018

Whirlpool’s vision of the smart home

Household appliances for sale in the US have a slightly different design and function adapted to the local market. However, it gives an idea of the new innovations we can soon look forward to in Europe. 

Yummly 2.0 app will delight novice and experienced cooks alike

The kitchen = food and cooking, so Whirlpool presented the app Yummly 2.0. It responds to the question “What will I have for dinner tonight?” within a matter of seconds. It will recommend to you recipes, useful appliances and utensils and even videos. It even takes into consideration your diet (vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.) preferred ingredients and the preparation time.

It recognises pictures of ingredients and will thus make suggestions to beginners what to buy in the supermarket. It will “learn” what you like based on your favourite recipes and recommend similar types of food. The app will start to cooperate with the appliances from Whirlpool from spring 2018 – once the recipe is selected, it will then automatically set the temperature of the hotplate or oven, or heating option of the microwave and provide you with instructions when the appliance is ready for the food, etc.

Point of interest: According to Verge.com, the new intelligent oven will come out on the market at the end of spring 2018 and retail for $1,949 USD (around 40,000 CZK).

Give Yummly voice commands using Alexa

yummly app 2.0

Alexa is a virtual assistant from Amazon. It is used in the Amazon Echo smart speakers, which respond to your spoken questions. For example, you can ask: “Alexa, what is the time?” and you will hear the answer immediately.

At CES 2018, Whirlpool presented the first ovens and microwaves controlled with Alexa. You can thus give a voice command to start up the oven or cooperate with Yummly – for example, take a shot of the ingredients you have in the fridge, search for the suitable recipe on Yummly and give a voice command straightaway to start the oven. Appliances connected to Google Assistant with a voice command function are also planned by Whirlpool.

Download Yummly 2.0:

Check your cooking on your Apple Watch

As the No. 1 manufacturer of home appliances, Whirlpool will also enable remote control through Apple’s smart watches. It will present through the year the first 20 models of ovens, washing machines or dryers that will start communicating with the watch. You will then activate a program with ease or find out faults without even being at home.

Awards won at CES 2018

awards for whirlpool on ces

The panel of experts also awarded Whirlpool’s innovations, presenting the company with 3 prizes from 28 categories.

“Smart Home” category – was awarded by the panel:

  • New intelligent appliances with revolutionary smudge-proof stainless steel surfaces:  This range of appliances introduces, beside the special surface, further innovations, such as its smart touchscreen or remote control.
  • The revolutionary microwave with Scan-to-Cook technology: You almost don’t have to keep an eye on the microwave at all while cooking.  It identifies by itself the food placed inside. You only have to select your favourite recipe on your mobile phone.
  • Award for Yummly 2.0: the already mentioned app, which combines healthy cooking with Whirlpool appliances, rightfully won the main prize in this category.

“Software and mobile app” category:

“Whirlpool brand is focused on bringing care to families and doing so with the latest in smart and connected technology. The award-winning appliances and technology we are showcasing at CES highlight how Whirlpool is bringing purposeful innovation to the kitchen,” said a delighted Rob Sundy, Whirlpool’s Senior Director

Cooperation between Whirlpool and Honeywell

At CES 2018, Whirlpool also announced the beginning of its cooperation with the thermostat manufacture Honeywell. This cooperation represents the next step in intelligent remote household control – appliances connected with the Honeywell thermostat optimise the energy consumption and will ensure that the devices will not disturb you at home. The washing machine or dryer will then wait until you have set the thermostat to the “Away” mode before it activates the program. Further clever innovations are coming your way soon.

AP Servis’s impression from the visit to CES 2018

If you are interested in the world of technology, smart homes, gadgets and consumer electronics with a view to future trends, we heartily recommend the exhibition. Put on your walking shoes – because you have to cover a huge area on foot. Apart from Las Vegas’s beautiful attractions, we were intrigued by the presence of dogs everywhere – then again according to the Chinese horoscope, 2018 is the Year of the Dog.

Check out our photos from CES 2018 on Facebook.


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