Which dryer to choose?

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1.   Combined dryer: saves space and time

If you don’t have enough space at home, opt for a washer combined with a dryer. Combining these 2 appliances into 1 is practical in terms of space and also rids you of the need to make any structural changes. The only disadvantage of this combination is that the dryer cannot handle the full washer load at once. You have to separate a part of the washed laundry, and dry one washer load in two cycles.

2.   A condensation dryer will take care of the whole laundry load

Condensation dryers are the ideal solution if you have enough space at home, or at least space above your washing machine. Using a filler you can stack the appliance above each other. When choosing a dryer, take into account the capacity of your washing machine and choose a dryer with a drum 1-2 kg larger. When drying, laundry gains in volume and it would not dry properly in a smaller drum.

3.   Separate dryer without structural modifications

Another benefit of the condensation dryer is the fact that you don’t have to change your bathroom to accommodate it. The hot air is condensed in a container, which you simply pour out. If you want to conserve the environment and operating costs, choose the type with a heat pump. In dryers with a heat pump, the created heat is returned to the cycle, reducing energy consumption by up to 50%.

Our tip! You can put a condensation dryer anywhere you have space at the moment. All you need for connection is a power outlet.

4.   Ventilation dryer to satisfy even the most demanding customer

If you often dry huge loads of laundry, definitely choose a semi-professional ventilation dryer. It will dry laundry in record-breaking short time and thanks to the special drum movement, it takes delicate care of fibres while drying. It also operates at minimum cost. However,  you must count on the necessary opening for ventilation.

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Ventilation dryers, with the exception of semi-professional ones, are more affordable. However, they need space to remove the hot air. If you are not planning to reconstruct your bathroom or are not building a new house, you should opt for the condensation type. This automatically transforms hot air into steam. Moreover, it is produced in solitaire or built-in versions. This means you can put a condensation dryer practically anywhere you have space: in the storage room closet, or practically hidden in your kitchen cupboards.


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