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Spacer for washer and dryer: Saves space and effort + Contest for 3 spacers

Don’t waste space in the bathroom - with clever spacers, you can stand the washer and dryer on top of the other. Find out how to choose and install them correctly. There is also a contest for 3 free spacers!

Don’t waste space in the bathroom - with clever spacers, you can stand the washer and dryer on top of the other. Find out how to choose and install them correctly. There is also a contest for 3 free spacers!

Benefits of a spacer between washer and dryer

  • Saves space - both appliances stand on top of one another, meaning that only one takes up floor space. 
  • Saves your back - just take the laundry out of the washer and move it straight to the dryer. You don’t have to bend over twice.
  • Offers a pull-out shelf or hanger - where you can conveniently put down or finish drying laundry.
  • 100% safety even during spin cycle - if you have ever thought of placing a washer and dryer on one another as they are, don’t try it. Both machines are very powerful in operation.
  • Easy installation in a few minutes - you don’t need assistance from an expert.

All washers and dryers of standard dimensions can be combined

Meaning the classic 60 x 60 cm. Always use the washing machine on the bottom. Use the installation set to mount the dryer on top. For appliances combined using universal Whirlpool spacers, we have tested that the washing machine can has a smaller width - but not less than 54 cm. Don’t forget the safety strap, which is included in the installation kit.

TIP: The washer and dryer accessories also include dampening pads for the floor, which reduce even the slightest vibrations. You can do laundry undisturbed even at night.

Universal spacer or one from the Whirlpool Supreme Care range?

You can use a universal spacer to combine any washer and dryer of standard dimensions, regardless of the brand, design series or size of the drum. For instance, you can combine older models from the Whirlpool AWO/D series with modern Supreme Care appliances.

If both of your appliances are from the Whirlpool Supreme Care series, we recommend using a special spacer with the same design.

TIP: Find out how to choose the right dryer and washer for your household.

Installation of the universal spacer

  1. Choose one of the universal spacers from WPro brand name accessories The bestselling items include WPro SKS 101 and WPro SKP 101. They only differ in a detail - the second type offers both a shelf and hanger, while the first one offers “only” the slide-out shelf.
  2. You will get the “Safe in Lock” assembly kit with both. The installation procedure is the same.
  3. Place the washer on the floor. Put the plastic spacer on top, for the moment with the bottom facing up.
  4. Place the plastic pads in all 4 corners.
  5. Attach the self-adhesive rubber caps on them.
  6. Turn the spacer over and place it on the washer. It must line up exactly in front.
  7. Slide the safety strap through the hole on the side of the spacer, slide it under the washer and pull it out on the other side. Do not tighten the strap yet.
  8. Place the dryer on top of the washer. Make share it lines up with the washer and spacer.
  9. Pull one end of the strap into the tensioner cover and attach the other into the tensioner.
  10. Move the tensioner lever up and down until the strap is tight.
  11. Cover the tensioner with the lid.

TIP: You can place the tensioner either on the side of one of the appliances or on top of the dryer. This was it will be entirely invisible.

Installation of a Supreme Care spacer

Have you bought the most advanced washer and dryer from the Whirlpool Supreme Care series? Connect them with the special WPro SKS 200 spacer, which suits their design and dimensions.

In this case, installation does not require a safety strap. The packaging includes a slide-out shelf and hanger, which you can easily switch around as needed. Supreme Care appliances can be identified by the commercial code starting with FSCR for washers ad HSCX for dryers.

TIP: Are you looking for a Supreme Care washer and dryer set? By buying all three parts including the spacer, you will save over 10,000 CZK.

Contest: Play to win 3 WPro spacers.

Do you want to win the clever spacer for yourself or your friends? Tag the most friends who could find the spacer useful in the Facebook discussion under the post. The more people you tag, the better your chances of winning. The contest lasts until the end of August 2017.


Good luck!

For help in choosing or installing spacers, do not hesitate to contact us.

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