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Review of Whirlpool FSCR 12440 smart washing machine

Keenly awaited news – the first smart washing machine with the possibility of control via the Internet – has arrived on the market. Tomáš from the AP team became its proud owner this week. How does he evaluate it?

What is so special about the Whirlpool FSCR 12440 washing machine?

It represents the absolute top of the current market offers in all aspects. Besides the possibility of the remote control it also excels in its powerful traction motor. A traditional belt drive replaces the directly controlled electric motor here. Thanks to this, the washing machine does not vibrate like older models and provides really quiet washing with sensitive care for fabric. The manufacturer even provides a 20-year guarantee for the motor. Thanks to its energy class A+++ it also belongs to the most economical washing machines on the market.

The first impressions after unpacking

  • The entire appliance of the Supreme Care set gives the impression of luxury. This is mainly because of the smoky door glass and ultra modern touch panel. With its round central button with 6th sense logo it resembles the design of Absolute Whirlpool ovens. It harmonizes at home then.
  • The washing machine drum has a capacity of 12kg and is really huge! It manages even large laundry challenges of larger families or semi-professional use. There is also beautiful discreet backlighting. When nothing happens, the light gradually decreases its intensity with an interesting LED effect.
  • Unfortunately, in the package there is no safe aquastop hose the top model would certainly deserve.

A few notes from the installation

  • Experienced AP Servis carriers carry with them a handy aid – a cork for the drain hose. When you replace the old washing machine with the new one it will prevent the flooded bathroom.
  • The packing contains other good things – adhesive strips under the washing machine. They fix within a minute and they deaden even the last vibrations of the gentle ZEN motor when washing.
  • Installation with the same set of the Supreme Care dryer with the SKS 200 connecting part is very easy. Everything is finished in 5 minutes. You will thus save a lot of valuable space.

New “smart“ family member

Now just set the language and connection with the application and Wi-Fi router. The washing machine will show you everything. The phone will find the application itself through the key word “Whirlpool“. You register your appliance there with the data written on the door label.

Finished! Now you can start your washing machine or you can remotely refresh your already washed clothes. The application remembers the most popular cycles and also points out when service is needed.

TIP: Try 6th Sense Live app for Android and iOS.

Operation: so quiet that it does not disturb you even during your meditation

Everything is ready in 15 minutes. You can set the programme required easily thanks to the touch screen. I was particularly interested in noise because the manufacturer states that the traction ZEN motor is one of the quietest on the market. For illustration, I have attached a video during the spin-dry phase with a maximum spin speed of 1400 rpm.

The final verdict: 100 %!

The washing machine meets the highest demands on laundry care. It deserves the term “top model” thanks to all of its key features from its design to the precise processing of high quality materials. It also confirms that the market of appliances is adapting to the actual trend of smart households as already indicated by September IFA 2016. We hope the offer of “smart” Whirlpool appliances will soon expand into other categories and most households will be possible to be controlled remotely. 

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