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Review of the Indesit DFG 15B10 dishwasher

The free-standing Indesit dishwasher is among the more affordable models on the market, but it isn’t evident in its washing or drying abilities, which are both perfect. However, the performance is lower in terms of functions and equipment, where the lower purchase price is obvious. It belongs to energy class A+ and can hold up to 13 sets of dishes.

The free-standing Indesit dishwasher is among the more affordable models on the market, but it isn’t evident in its washing or drying abilities, which are both perfect. However, the performance is lower in terms of functions and equipment, where the lower purchase price is obvious. It belongs to energy class A+ and can hold up to 13 sets of dishes.

First impressions

The design of the Indesit dishwasher is unsurprising, made in classic white, and it does not stand out among standard household appliances. Although it is among the more affordable models on the market, it does not look cheap and does not create doubts about its longevity. The dimensions place it among the wider models, with a width of 60 cm. Its height is 85 cm and its depth is 60 cm, meaning it does not differ from the typical dimensions of a dishwasher. At first glance, the inside of the dishwasher also looks solid. The dish baskets do not get stuck while sliding them in and out, and they are easy to handle. The packaging also includes a water hose and a hose for connection to the drain, an instruction manual and funnel for refill the salt.

Inside arrangement

We already spoke a bit about the inside arrangement of the dishwasher in the previous paragraph, so let’s take a closer look. In the dishwasher, there are two dish baskets, which is common in this appliance. Unlike some models, there is no cutlery drawer, meaning you have to rely on a good old cutlery basket. It is made of plastic and does not look very convincing as far as longevity is concerns, but it serves its function well. The basket is not attached to the dishwasher, so you can move it as you like or take it out entirely. This offers greater variability when placing dishes inside, and you will appreciate the extra space especially for large pots.

he upper basket is intended for lighter dishes like glasses, smaller bowls, dessert plates, mugs, etc. There are also height-adjustable fold-down holders on one side of the basket, which are suitable e.g. for placing ladles or cooking spooks which would block the dishwasher blade in the cutlery basket. Incidentally, the entire top basket is height adjustable, with a range of about 3.5 cm.

The bottom basket is used for larger dishes, meaning large plates, pots and bowls, as well as the cutlery basket. This section contains classic plate holders, but they do not fold down and the placement of larger dishes might not be entirely easy and efficient.

Dishwasher installation

The dishwasher weighs 47 kg, which may cause certain concerns, but it was not difficult to handle for two people. As for installation, it does not require much prior experience, and is fairly fast and easy even for an amateur. However, if you are not comfortably installing the dishwasher yourself, we recommend asking a skilled neighbour or an expert. In addition to the user manual, the dishwasher includes the procedure for dismounting the upper piece for installation under the kitchen counter. Unfortunately, it is not in Czech and this advanced installation may be rather complicated for some users.

Controls and instructions

The instructions are clear and well written. However, the general focus is a disadvantage, as it is written for several dishwashers at once. Some data is marked with a star, which means they apply only to selected models. However, it is not entirely clear which models these are, and you might often not understand precisely which functions your dishwasher does or doesn’t have.

The dishwasher controls are simple and intuitive, you will find the two designated buttons and a turning knob, so nothing confusing. One button switches the dishwasher on and off, the second one starts or stops the program, and the knob is used to selected the program. This makes the dishwasher very easy to use even for people who otherwise don’t understand electronics that well. This is no surprise, really. Considering the fairly limited offer of programs and functions, the controls cannot be complicated.

The weakness of this appliance may be the absence of a display, which is a matter of course for many people nowadays. Instead of a display, the dishwasher just has a few lights. The first of these is next to the start button. When flashing, it means the dishwasher is ready to start the program; if the program is running, the light is on. Three other indicator lights inform you of the progress of the washing program, i.e. that the dishwasher in the washing or drying phase, or that the program is finished. This leaves just one more light, which indicates the need to refill the salt. Hence, most of the important information is provided without a display, but some essential data is still lacking - for instance, the indicator lights do not tell you the time left until the end of the program.


Having described the dishwasher from the inside and outside, let’s get to the point - how the dishwasher does its work. We are pleased to say that this relatively affordable model owes its more expensive competitors nothing, and its washing and drying capacities put it in class A. You can choose from four washing programs and one soaking program, meaning that you can really get choosy in this regard.

The main disadvantage we see is the absence of an automatic program; you can choose from an eco-program, intensive program, regular washing and express program for washing dishes. The last of these washes the dishes in just 40 minutes, but the second shortest program takes about two hours, and it wouldn’t hurt to have an intermediate option. However, even the shortest program is very effective and manages even old dishes. However, it lacks the drying phase, so it’s a good idea to let the dishes dry in the open dishwasher for a while.

Consumption and noise

In addition to the dishwasher’s functions, it is also worth mentioning other important parameters, such as consumption and noise. The dishwasher is not the most efficient - it is in energy class A+ and the annual costs for its operation are around 1,400 CZK. The differences in costs for various models are in the range of several hundred crowns per year, so it depends on how important consumption is for you. The noise level of 51 dB in operation can be quite noticeable and if you insist on silent operation, it is a major drawback.


The dishwasher functions require little comment, as the lower purchase price becomes rather obvious in this category. There are two key functions, which is audio signalisation and the aforementioned indicator to refill salt. The audio signalisation notifies you when the dishwasher is switched on and when the program ends. However, don’t expect any other functions like a child lock or automatic settings.


The Indesit DFG 15B10 dishwasher is a fully functional model that takes care of properly washed dishes. Its disadvantages include higher consumption, noise and few functions. You can only choose from five programs, and the absence of a display is also a drawback. However, these deficiencies are compensated to some extent by the low purchase price, and if you are looking for a high-performance model for a good price, we can recommend this dishwasher. It is particularly suitable for less demanding users who like intuitive controls and don’t mind the absence of automatic settings or a cutlery drawer.


  • Quality of washing and drying
  • Lower purchase price
  • Easy installation
  • Intuitive controls
  • Czech user manual
  • Express program
  • Audio signalisation


  • Low program selection
  • Higher noise level
  • Missing display
  • Plate racks do not fold down
  • No automatic program

We thank the team at Arecenze.cz for the Indesit dishwasher review.

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