KitchenAidArtisan food processor – 12 kilos of handy iron

10/06/16 Tips & Tricks

Are you thinking of buying a handy KitchenAid mixer? We asked Jana from, a food blogger, for her opinion on this helper she works with almost daily.

Whisking, mixing, kneading. Well, our grandmas managed it all manually. And they did not complain. But times have progressed and a person without a food processor at home does not dare to make yeast dough. In fact, you can just place the kneading hook, start the most stylish food processor on the market and enjoy your coffee in 10 minutes. How else can KitchenAidArtisan mixer help you at home?

What is KitchenAidArtisan food processor?

In this text, we introduce the basic version of the KitchenAid Artisan food processor. For me it is almost 12 kilos of love at first sight. Without exaggeration. KitchenAid is a heavy, but elegant and beautiful food processor. At first sight, a layman would say it is an ordinary mixer, but it is not quite true. Its weight makes it very stable even when you give it quite a difficult task – for example to prepare perfect dough for Christmas cake or bread. Among other things, it is also very beautiful and you can buy it in any colour you could dream of.

Besides basic functions (mixing, whisking, kneading) it can also mince meat, extract the juice from fruits, shape pasta or prepare perfect ice-cream. However, its great accessories great accessories will be discussed next time.

What you can find in the box?

The basic version includes the food processor body, a stainless-steel bowl with a plastic cover (serving also as a funnel), a balloon beater for whisking, a kneading hook and a flat beater for crème. The basic version is sufficient for the beginning. But I can assure you that as soon as you try it, you will want to use it a bit more and you will look around for its accessories.

An elegant and heavy body with excellent performance

The mixer itself has a motor with a performance of 300 W and 6 gears. It means that you will whisk and knead a lot with it. On the other hand, it is actually quite quiet, even at high speed (of course it is noisy but not as much as a classical manual mixer). The machine capacity for example for dough kneading is about 1 kg of flour. I have no idea what happens if you do not follow the instructions. I do not overload my mixer over the manufacturer’s instructions.

Bowl and kneading, mixing and whisking beaters

The big stainless-steel bowl with a handle with a volume of nearly 5 litres is absolutely fantastic. I often like to use it even for other types of cooking. It is perfect for example for the preparation of pancake dough which I am still used to mixing with a manual beater, or muffin dough that must not be whisked. It is possible to be washed in a dishwasher, of course. I would use two of them, thanks to my baking. It is not a problem to buy another one. Besides the stainless-steel bowl you can also buy a glass transparent one or matte, or recently a beautiful ceramic bowl.

The plastic cover (and fennel) which is included in the packing is not so great, however. I do not think it works well and most of the time it disturbs me in the cupboard.

The dough hook has probably nothing to surprise you. It is a standard hook which works very well. A different level, however, is the big ballon beater, which is much more suitable for whisking for example of egg whites than an ordinary two-beater manual mixer. In other words, if you want to prepare for example macaroons, do not even try it without a quality food processor.

A great helper, for example for butter cream, is a flat beater specifically designed for the preparation of various types of cream. I use it for example for the thorough mixing of dry ingredients.

Its principal advantages

  • It is heavy, it cannot tilt itself over, it does not jump up during work
  • It can perfectly knead also difficult yeast dough, for example for Christmas cake
  • It is very efficient and can work for a long time
  • You can choose from a lot of wonderful colours
  • It is a beautiful design accessory to your kitchen

Its disadvantages

  • High price which is even more dependent on the current currency exchange rate
  • The basic price includes only one bowl. I would appreciate at least two
  • The plastic cover/fennel is quite unnecessary
  • “The thing you put the beaters on” is difficult to maintain
  • Handling is difficult due to its weight. The best is when the food processor stands in one place in the kitchen and you do not have to move it often. 

Do I recommend it? I definitely do! The disadvantages are only small imperfections. I cannot imagine my kitchen without it.

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