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How to store wine properly

Do you really want to enjoy fine wine? You need to do more than just choose a good variety. How you store the wine is crucial. It would be a shame to lose a fantastic vintage because of incorrect storage. Read how to proceed correctly.

Constant temperature is key

Poor storage can entirely alter the taste and aromatic characteristics of the wines. At lower temperatures than the given type requires, the aromas are not released and the wine tastes dull. At high temperatures, the alcohol component prevails and the wine matures too quickly.

In order to duly savour this delicious beverage, the  bottles must be stored at a constant temperature - appropriate for the specific type of wine. And ideally in horizontal position to keep the cork moist.

Ideal temperature for storing wine

  • Red wines need a higher storage temperature, ideally between 15 – 18 °C. Before serving, let the wine stand at room temperature to fully evolve its bouquet and palate. Due to its fuller body and heavier taste, red wine pairs well with meat, for instance beef cheeks braised in red wine.
  • White wines are more delicate and require a cooler environment around 12 °C. They pair ideally with lighter dishes like fish, poultry or cheese platters. Service white wine lightly chilled, but never with ice.
  • Rose wine need about the same temperature as white wine.

Be careful about other disruptive factors

  • Make sure that the bottles are not in direct sunlight: the ideal place is a shady corner or complete darkness.
  • You should not store and cleaning detergents or other aromatic substances near the bottles. The cork can easily absorb them.
  • Also be careful to avoid unnecessary shaking.
  • On the other hand, wine does not mind moderate humidity.

A home wine cellar is the best option for archiving wine

Are you wondering why not to simply put wine in the refrigerator? Because unlike a refrigerator, a wine cellar maintains a constant temperature and allows the cooling of various floors to different temperatures: You can thus store red and white wines together.

Wine cellars also have a special glass door that does not allow UV rays to penetrate. They offer a simple yet correct method of archiving wine bottles while featuring as a luxury design piece in your home or office.

Properly stored wine will lose none of its flavour or aromatic characteristics. Give your wine proper care and enjoy its full flavour and bouquet.

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