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How to find the best home coffeemakers

An average Czech consumes over 3 kg of coffee a year. Thanks to modern coffeemakers you do not have to go to a restaurant to enjoy top-notch espres-so, latte or cappuccino.

Manual, lever, capsule or automatic?

There are a lot of possibilities to prepare high quality espresso at home – from manual coffeemakers to fully automatic semi-professional machines. Their prices range from about 230 CZK to 45,000 CZK. It depends on you how much you want to invest and what result you expect.

There are these types of coffeemakers:

·    Manual

Self-made coffee in a French press, aero press or mocha pot is fashionable again. It is a question of a certain rite that requires time and skill. Only a few people can spend at least 15 minutes grinding and soaking coffee in the morning. The result is influenced by many factors, from the water temperature to the soaking time, but it is rarely similar to the true espresso.

·    Lever

There is no container or integrated grinder. Whenever you use it, you must fill the strainer with ground coffee, ideally fresh. Stuffing again requires experience and extends the preparation time. The biggest advantage of the high-quality lever models is the effective steam nozzle for the preparation of milk foam.

TIP: Semi-professional KitchenAid coffeemakers belong to the best lever types for households as well as for cafes.

·    Capsule

A popular solution that can even make a barista from an 8-year-old child. Its advantage is fast and effortless preparation. Just place the capsule, press the button and that’s it. However, you cannot influence the coffee quality or taste. The low acquisition price is compensated for by expensive coffee capsules. One espresso then costs about 8 CZK, cappuccino even 18.

·    Semiautomatic

Unlike a fully automatic coffee maker it does not have an integrated grinder. It is filled with already ground coffee. The resulting taste is thus never completely 100%. Its advantage, however, is a better acquisition price.

TIP: Now you can get the most popular built-in semiautomatic model Whirlpool ACE 010 for 7,490 CZK with free shipping.

·    Automatic

Ideal solution for demanding coffee lovers and everybody who has no time to waste. The machine provides everything, from fine grinding to the whisking of milk foam. Just select the type of drink, intensity and the size of the cup. When you try this coffee once, you will not want any other anymore.

TIP: The built-in 2 Whirlpool ACE 102 coffee maker can make espresso, cappuccino, latteand macchiato. All in 20 seconds, with the flavour and aroma indistinguishable from professional preparation.

How to find the correct pressure of an espresso coffee maker

Pressure is a key feature. It should be as high as possible. We do not recommend low-pressure types of less than 3.5 bars. Instead of a pump they use only steam pressure for heating which brews the coffee. The flavour and aroma are thereby negatively affected. Manufacturers state maximum pressure of 15–19 bars for better types. In reality, machines are adjusted to lower values, but this does not matter. Even professionals work with a pressure of about 9 bars.

On the other hand, input is not such an important value. It just shows the heating rate which is not a deciding factor for households.

What should a good coffeemaker be able to do?

  • Work in ideal conditions for espresso preparation. It means with the pressure of 9–19 bars and water temperature about 84 °C – 90 °C.
  • Set individually the grain grinding, the drink intensity and amount of water according to the cup size.
  • Move the outlet height according to the cup size.
  • Prepare whisked cappuccino as well as water for tea and other hot beverages, with the help of hot steam.
  • The big advantage is automatic decalcification and scouring of the nozzle for steam and hot water. 

Do not underestimate the selection of quality coffee as well

Even the best appliance cannot provide you with the ideal taste enjoyment if you do not use quality coffee beans. Robusta and Arabica are among the most common types. The taste of Robusta is earthier, it is cheaper and its foam is bigger than the foam of Arabica. Arabica is generally considered better and more aromatic.

TIP: Find out how to prepare delicious cappuccino at home.

If you hesitate with the selection of the ideal coffeemaker, do not hesitate to contact us.

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