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How to clean your oven

Cleaning the oven is usually a nightmare for most of us. However, there are a few tricks that make this annoying job easier. Another option is a smart oven with self-cleaning by pyrolysis or the Smart-Clean function.

1.      Glass oven door

You must never use liquid powder or detergents with sharp particles to clean the glass door. They could scratch the glass.  Impurities then get stuck to the damaged surface even more. How to clean it?

  • Prepare some baking powder. Just mix one packet in a litre of warm water. Apply the mixture to the glass and leave it to act for 30 minutes. Then easily wipe of the grease with a sponge.

Our tip: Try the special rag with microfiber. It won’t scratch any surface - stainless steel or glass. Yet it cleans effectively without using chemicals.

2.      Inside of the oven

To clean the oven itself, you can use either purchased cleaning detergents or helps that you can usually find at home:

  • Warm water - for moderate grime

Place a bowl with boiling water at the bottom of the oven and heat the oven to 50 degrees Celsius. The created humidity will release the grime and makes it easier to wipe off.

  • Salt - effective solution for greasy residue

Pour the salt on the bottom of the oven and heat it to 200 degree Celsius. The salt will turn brown and remove all the grease. Then just remove the remaining salt and wipe the surface with a dish sponge.

  • Baking soda and wine vinegar - grandmother’s advice

Mix the baking soda and water in a bowl. Spread the resulting paste all over the inside of the oven and leave to work for 12 hours. Then wipe off the dried baking soda with a moist cloth. Pour the wine vinegar into a spray bottle and spray it in places where the baking soda has remained. Finally, wipe off any impurities with a cloth.

Our tip: If you don’t believe in home remedies, try de-greasing spray with professional composition by WPro. It removes resistant grease from hot and cold oven surfaces.

3.      Rack

Simply remove the rack from the oven and soak it in hot water with some dishwashing detergent and lemon juice. You can soak the rack like this for several hours, or reach for de-greasing spray. The encrusted grime will loosen up and the rack will be like new.

Salvation with self-cleaning by pyrolysis

If you bake and grill a lot, but don’t enjoy cleaning the oven, consider investing into a pyrolytic oven. With the pyrolysis function, the oven will heat up to 500 degrees Celsius and all the grime will turn to dust. Then you just wipe it off with a cloth. This automatic cleaning method saves you lots of time and work.

  • Our tip: The Whirlpool AKZM 8480 IX hot air oven offers 2 levels of pyrolytic cleaning - complete and shortened (eco).

SmartClean™ and automatic steam cleaning

The SmartClean™ function works on a similar principle. The inside of the appliance including the door is made of special material that allows team cleaning. Just insert a container with 250 ml of water into the oven, start the required program and at the end of the cleaning cycle, just wipe off the remaining impurities.

StarClean™ technology

StarClean™ technology is even more advanced, and requires no assistance at all. Thanks to a special 3-layer interior surface, the oven automatically cleans itself after starting the function - in just 35 minutes without using any detergents. The Whirlpool AKZM 8380 IXL model, for instance, offers this revolutionary technology.

Accessories for easy oven cleaning

Modern types of ovens also offer special accessories that ease baking and subsequent maintenance. These include telescopic sliders that make the handling of baking trays easier, extra racks and special cloths.

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