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How to choose and install mobile air conditioning

The summer hits are striking back. Do you want to avoid them at least at home? Get a mobile or portable A/C unit. We will advise you about selection and quick installation.

Benefits of portable A/C

  • Easy installation – you don’t need an expert or complicated interior modifications.
  • You can move the A/C from room to room – you can even bring it with you to the office or cottage.
  • Intuitive control – with modern types with 6th Sense you need only set the required temperature and the device will take care of the rest. It also allows setting of the cooling period - the A/C unit will switch itself off e.g. when you go to work.
  • Apart from cooling, it also rids the air of allergens – dust, pollen, mites and certain bacteria.

Main selection criterion: Size and fragmentation of the space

Before buying, you need to know the size of the space you want to cool. It is listed in mand you can easily calculate it using a sample for the volume of cubic space:

V (volume)= A × B × C

Where A and B mean the basic rectangular dimensions of the sides of the space and C is the height.

  • For instance a room with dimensions of 2 × 5 × 3 metres requires an A/C unit that will manage at least 30 m3.

Apart from the size of the space, also take into account its fragmentation: the number of various nooks and furniture. These elements reduce the performance of the appliance, and a more effective model is required.

The price of mobile A/C also affects its other functions. What are they?

In addition to performance, the price of the appliance is also affected by its other functions. The efficient 6th Sense which automatically maintains temperature is a matter of course in Whirlpool portable A/C units nowadays. Other clever functions worth noting are:

  • Jet fast cooling – just switch it on and its instantly cools the space to a pleasant 18 °C.
  • Round U function – thanks to which the appliance automatically knows which room you are in and surrounds you with a pleasant climate. No more dangerous sitting by a fan!
  • SLEEP function – set the ideal temperature and air flow for pleasant sleeping. Small children are particularly sensitive to temperature in their bedrooms. The ideal climate for them is around 19-20 °C.
  • HEPA filter – special filters that refresh the air by cleaning it perfectly of all micro-particles. The ideal solution not just for allergy sufferers.

Tips for quick installation of portable A/C

  1. Place the appliance as close as possible to a window to ease the removal of hot air.
  2. Simply pull the 15 cm hose through the slightly open window. We do not recommend extending the hose because it weakens performance.
  3. Now just set the chosen temperature and cooling period (if required) and you can start the machine. Relief will arrive in just a few minutes.

TIP: For more effective and ecological cooling with air removal through an open window, we recommend this novelty - AirLock 100 window installation kit. It is suitable for all windows with a circumference of up to 400 cm.

Note: This guide serves for the fastest possible installation of A/C during hot days. For a longer term solution, we recommend consulting selection and installation with an expert.

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