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How to choose a freezer fridge

Are you furnishing your home, has your old fridge given up or do you want to replace it with a newer, more efficient one? We will advise you as to which parameters to consider when choosing.

1.         Design: Built in or not?

Nowadays, the fridge also performs an aesthetic role. Especially if your kitchen is in an open space with the living area. This is why built-in appliances that can easily be fitted into the kitchen are becoming increasingly popular. However, even solitaire fridges can look fantastic. The current offer includes all sorts of design from modern to retro with various surface treatments - for instance glossy black or the popular stainless steel.

2.         Fridge type and size

When deciding which type is best for your household, consider the kitchen dimensions and number of people that will be using the appliance. The unwritten rule is that every household member uses about 50 l of cooling space and 20 l of freezer space. Depending on the size of your family and space options, the following options are available:

  • Combined fridge with freezer

Offers a cooling and freezing section. Both are separate and have separate doors.

  • American fridge

If you have a large family and enough space, it will be ideal for you. You will love the side-by-side doors and the separate cooling and freezing part with plenty of volume and organised compartments.

  • French door model

The most modern types of combined fridges feature double doors on both parts - meaning a total of 4 doors. In addition to better organisation, you can save up to 50% of energy through their independent opening.

3.         Energy efficiency and 6th Sense

The Whirlpool brand family has only introduced cooling equipment in energy classes A+, A++ and A+++ to our market in recent years. The main efficient technology is 6th Sense “Fresh Control”, which automatically balances the temperature in the appliance and maintains the ideal humidity of 70 to 85%. The correct temperature of around 4 °C is restored 5 times faster after opening the door than in standard fridges. This extends the freshness of foods up to 4 times.

If you have a fridge more than 10 years old at home, its operation can become very costly. For every year, you can pay several thousand crowns more than if you bought a new fridge.

4.         Additional functions of Whirlpool fridges

The aim of Whirlpool family appliances is to make your life easier - both in terms of costs and work. That’s why they continuously develop newer and smarter functions. A few worth highlighting:

  • No Frost – frost-free design

Prevents the creation of frost through the continuous circulation, meaning you don’t have to switch off and defrost the fridge.

  • Antibacterial surface and filter

A special substance based on silver is used to treat the interior of the appliance, and helps kill bacteria and mould. A unique built-in active filter was created in cooperation with Microban® to trap bacteria, chemicals and mechanical impurities.  This makes food stay fresh for longer and prevents odours in the fridge.

  • Activ0° drawer and optional different temperature settings

Allows the longer storage primarily of meat and fish at a temperature of around  0 °C. Another benefit is the possibility of setting different temperatures for individual compartments for the optimal storage of food in the fridge.

  • Water and ice dispenser

American fridges often offer a cooled water dispenser and ice maker. This allows you to pour a cold drink and prepare refreshing ice cubes at any time with the mere push of a button.

  • Fresh Oxygen technology

Extends the freshness of foods by actively creating fresh molecules of oxygen. This also reduces odour creation by up to 70%.

  • Holiday mode

Reduces the fridge performance while you are gone. Freezer function doesn’t change. This saves you energy, without having to eat up all your supplies before you leave.

  • Child lock

Prevent curious children from opening the fridge door.

Brand name accessories and add-ons will ease your work

We offer an original range of WPro accessories and ad-ons for all fridges. Clever dust filters, special bags for storing fruit and vegetables, ice makers and cleaning products will extend the lifetime of your appliance.

We will deliver the chosen fridge to you free of charge and offer authorised warranty and post warranty service guaranteed by the manufacturer.

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