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Household versus Child: Appliances on red alert

This is not only in respect of your daily routine or a new bedroom for the baby, but also in respect of many seemingly ordinary things operating in your household. What are they?

Be ready:

1.    For the washing machine running throughout the day

Figuratively speaking, you will be doing the washing almost all the time. There will not only be the bodysuits and jumpers but also nappies (even though you use the disposable ones, the cotton ones come in handy when wiping the baby’s mouth), a footmuff, pram liners, car seat blankets, baby bedding, a swaddling blanket… all this needs to go into your washing machine really often.

How to wash baby things safely?

Remember to use a delicate detergent because of the baby’s sensitive skin and to wash the baby things separately almost up to when the baby is 18 months old. Set special wash programmes on your washing machine suitable for fine baby laundry and developed for toddlers – they remove stains well but wash gently without ruining the garments.

A dryer is also a smart solution. It saves you the time you need for hanging up your laundry as well as folding and ironing it. When buying new appliances, choose the most silent ones (during operation and spinning). An unsettling noise can often be generated by placing your washing machine on a tiled floor, for example. You can try to put a special anti-vibration mat underneath your appliances. It will insulate the washing machine from the floor and reducing the minor vibrations caused by the spinning.

2.     Stacking the fridge. And the freezer too

Although you decide to buy the ready-made baby food, you still have to heat it up at least in your kitchen. If home-made meals are your priority, take enough time to cook them. Some meals are suitable for bulk cooking and can be frozen in handy boxes the size of one portion and then heated up as needed.

Vegetable baby food is especially suitable for freezing, meals with pasta or potatoes less so. Buy boxes that fit together, i.e. you can put one into another for easy storage or put them next to each other in your freezer. You will use them in the fridge too. Good boxes, as well as a quality fridge maintaining temperature and moisture well, can prolong the food shelf life – follow the instruction manual (or icons) and place your food according to the instructions of the manufacturer.

What other kitchen appliances will make your life easier?

Your life will be easier thanks to a microwave oven but also thanks to other clever appliances, such as food processors, juice extractors or blenders. After all, you will be using them every day! Kids love freshly made juices (be careful with citrus fruit for babies, your best bet is apples, carrots, pears for sweeter taste, apricots, blueberries …) and in summer, if you have an ice cream maker, you can also use them as the base for a refreshing sorbet. You will see that your kids will never ask for a store-bought ice cream again.

3.     To start using things in a different way

Did you know that air conditioners produce white noise that makes babies fall asleep more easily? White noise means the ambient murmuring sounds which the baby is familiar with from the uterus, where it is never silent. It is even recommended by American paediatricians, who have compiled a study proving that white noise makes babies sleep better and longer.

Naturally, air conditioning is best in summer when it is hot and it is difficult for children to sleep well. Another benefit of air conditioning is that it keeps an optimum level of relative humidity, helps remove dust, pollen, dust mites, etc.

A dishwasher can serve as a steriliser in which you can easily and quickly clean baby bottles. Or you can preserve cooked meals in them so that they last longer. While some mothers do not use the dishwasher for baby dishes, we definitely recommend it, compared to the traditional method of washing up with a sponge and detergent. The thing is that sponges harbour a perfect environment for germs. And a steriliser cannot wash up (e.g. fruit pots). You have to pre-wash the dishes and then sterilise them. A dishwasher does not take up additional space. Choose eco-friendly tablets. They wash up well and pose no health risks.

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