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Hoses for washers and dishwashers: you will never flood yourself or your neighbours again!

“Water, water, everywhere...” - a fun children’s game, but in adulthood it is a sad sigh over a flooded apartment. Modern washers and dishwashers offer safety systems against water leaks. But if your appliances don’t feature them, don’t worry - special inlet hoses will help you out.

The Aquastop and Aquasafe systems prevent water leaks

New washers and dishwashers often have a built-in Aquastop and Aquasafe system that protects you from flooding. How do they work?

How the Aquastop system works

Aquastop ensure external protection of the washer or dishwasher. It prevents water from leaking out of the inlet hose in the case of any malfunction. It may take the form of an emergency container with a floater switch, which stops the appliances and closes the water inlet if too much water collects; or the Aquastop system can be built into the add-on safety hose. The main thing is that both versions effectively protect you from flooding.

How the Aquasafe system works

Aquasafe ensures internal protection of the appliance. It continuously controls the operation of the washer or dishwasher and checks every potential loss of water from the internal circuit. If it registers a loss, it instantly stops the running program and safety drains the water away. Hence, there is no risk of damage to the appliance or uncontrolled accumulation of water inside the washer or dishwasher and a subsequent disaster from overflow.

TIP: The Whirlpool AWOC 0714 washing machine or Whirlpool ADP 8070 WH dishwasher boast both systems.

Do your appliances lack these systems? No problem, just choose a clever hose

If your household appliances don’t have the Aquastop and Aquasafe systems, don’t worry. Original WPro accessories will easily protect you from water leaks. These professional safety hoses belong to the Whirlpool series, but their dimensions are universal, which means you can easily connect them to all types of washers and dishwashers - even from other brands.

Safety hoses for washing machines

The most commonly used is the inlet hose for washing machines WPro TAF 257, which offers the integrated Aquastop system. The safety valve automatically stops water intake if there is a risk of flooding. There are various lengths of inlet and Aquastop hoses – from 1.5 m to 4.2 m. you can choose how long a hose will suit you, so that it is not to stretched, but does not lie in several useless coils behind the appliance.

Safety hoses for dishwashers

We recommend opting for inlet hoses with the Aquastop system particularly if leading hoses behind furniture or walls. Also here you can choose from various lengths including an extension hose. View the complete range of safety hoses for dishwashers and contact us if you need advice.

We also offer appliance maintenance and wholesale of WPro accessories

Original WPro brand-name accessories, parts and spare parts are offered for both retail sale and wholesale. Authorised maintenance is a matter of course. We will be happy to help you install your accessories or perform post-warranty repairs directly at your home or office.

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