American fridge freezers and French-door refrigerators – select the right one for you pleasure

06/15/17 Tips & Tricks

Have you been fascinated by the two, three and four-door refrigerators that the characters of foreign films often look into? Modern American or French-door fridges are a hit in our country as well. How do you choose the right one?

What is the difference between American and so-called French-door fridges?

The American - or wardrobe-type – fridge freezer has two doors with a winged opening to the sides, just like a classic wardrobe. At the same time, they have modern air distributions that ensure optimum temperature and humidity in the freezing and cooling parts.

French-door refrigerators are successors of the American type. They have 3 or even 4 doors - 2 for the freezer, and 2 for the fridge. They offer maximum clarity and convenience.

Advantages of American fridge freezers and French-door refrigerators

The biggest advantage of these refrigerators is a virtually divided interior space. The food is hidden behind 2 to 4 doors, so the appliance is not unnecessarily "ventilating" whenever you want something to eat. By simply opening one door, you save energy. The cooling and freezing parts of the appliance do not have to restore the ideal indoor temperature so often, because the fluctuations occur only in one section. For example, the Hotpoint E4D AAA X C refrigerator will achieve up to 50% energy savings by opening the door separately.

Another undisputable advantage is the large volume (about 400, sometimes even up to 530 liters). The American fridge freezer also conveniently holds a large amount of goods. Everything is clearly arranged and well accessible. Thanks to this, you can also buy favorable family packages without worrying that you would not find a place for everything in the refrigerator or freezer.

5 tips on how to choose an American fridge freezer or French-door refrigerator

In order to better compare the models to each other, we have compiled a list of the most important criteria you should focus on:

1. Do not be interested in the total volume, just in the usable volume

When choosing an American or French-door fridge, look for an indication of the usable volume of the appliance. As with real estate, there may be a big difference in how much space is available and how much you can actually use. It is usually recommended that at least one household member should have at least 70 liters of cooling space and 30 liters of freezer space.

 Most wardrobe-type refrigerators have:

  • 290 to 345 liters of usable cooling space
  • Approximately 100-190 liters of freezer space

TIP: Keep in mind that American fridge freezers are higher than normal refrigerators. Measure the kitchen space available carefully. Make sure you can access the refrigerator well, even if it has an open door.

2. Choose the No Frost system that will relieve you of defrosting

Regular defrosting is definitely not necessary today - even in the case of freezers. Modern free-standing and built-in refrigerators offer a No Frost system that takes care of everything. Defrosting takes place automatically without your intervention. Thanks to that, you will never spend Saturday with a long defrosting of your refrigerator.

3. Think of the noise

Most of today's refrigerators are so quiet that you can sleep with them in one room. If you have a kitchen that is connected to the living room, be aware of the number of decibels the appliance achieves during its operation. The quietest American fridge freezers deliver a sound of about 42 dB, that is the level of muffled conversation at the maximum.

4. Be interested in special features and equipment

American fridge freezers often have an integrated maker of ice, crushed ice and chilled water that you will appreciate not just in the summer. The 6th sense function is also very useful. Thanks to it, the refrigerator quickly responds to the change in temperature and humidity and immediately balances the fluctuations. Food stays fresh longer.

The standard is now also an antibacterial surface that eliminates the presence of microbes and fungi on the inside walls of the appliance. Many models also have a "holiday" function that ensures lower consumption when you leave for a long time - the freezer remains in full operation.

5. Take into account not only the price of the appliance, but also the energy class

American fridge freezers have a slightly higher energy consumption than classic combined refrigerators. Buying a cheaper model could cause higher costs in the future. From the point of view of long-term operation, whether fridge freezer is in the A + or A +++ class plays a major role. Choose the highest class.

Finally, be sure to take into account the manufacturer as well. With proven brands of kitchen appliances, you can rely on the fridge to serve well. Get it at a store where you can be sure of having a trouble-free deal in the event of a complaint, providing you with a longer warranty and quick service. The fridge will be happy for you in the kitchen for decades.


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