5 tips for stylish KitchenAid presents

12/04/15 Tips & Tricks

What could please more than a practical gift that looks great, lasts for years and offers professional performance? KitchenAid appliances and kitchen tools fit the bill exactly.

1. Bottle open: a gift to please

bottle open KitchenAid

Price: 590 CZK

What beer lover could resist a nice bottle opener? An opener that won’t break after a few uses? None! A bottle opener, ideally in a package with some fine golden brew, is the perfect gift for friends, family or business partners. Thanks to its durable, hygienic stainless steel and pleasant handle, the recipient will think of you for years to come when opening their favourite beverage.

2. Personal coffee machine: for morning and afternoon breaks

coffee machine KitchenAid

Price: 3,690 CZK

Does he/she head to the coffee shop first thing in the morning because he/she doesn’t have his/her own coffee machine? Get him/her a personal coffee machine! This novelty of 2014 will make fantastic aromatic coffee or tea at the push of a button. Give your loved ones a great start to every new day, without buying an expensive and oversized coffee machine.

3. Toaster: creates a crispy crust on any type of bread


Price: from 3,690 CZK

Toasters are among the products that made KitchenAid famous.  The all-metal robust design, top performance and stunning design make this toaster a practical accessory for every kitchen that will never stay in the corner. In addition to toasting, it can also defrost bread. Thanks to the wide opening, it can manage all types of sliced bread, baguettes or buns.

4. High-speed electric kettle for home or office

high-speed electric kettle

Price:  from 2,790 CZK

Even the greatest kitchen anti-talent has to boil water. What’s more, it’s always in sight on the kitchen counter. Delight your family or friends with a stylish accessory, refined to the very last detail. The remarkable design of this high-speed kettle will give the perfect touch to any kitchen or office. Maximum performance and reliability, typical of the KitchenAid brand, are a matter of course.

5. A mixer to meet any kitchen challenge

Price: from 16,990 CZK

The most famous and popular stand mixer in the world in an unbeatably wide range of colours. It plays many roles: Connect one of the wide range of accessories and it instantly becomes a pasta machine, citrus juicer or meat mincer. Nothing is impossible in the kitchen with this helper - working with it is pure joy. Give one to your loved one!

And one final hint: Do you want to delight the whole family with a useful yet beautiful gift? Get one of the extra affordable KitchenAid culinary bundles. The matching set features a stand mixer with accessories, or a toaster and kettle for a price so affordable that you get minimally one product for free. 


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