5 steps to clean your fridge including sealing and drain

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1. Preparation

Turn the fridge off and place a rag or old newspapers under it to absorb the water flowing out. Take out all foodstuffs. Immediately throw away those with an expired use-by date. Get the following:

  • A cleaning agent for fridge interiors or soapy water
  • Disinfecting spray (unless disinfection is part of the cleaner) or vinegar water
  • A brush for cleaning the drain channel
  • A soft cloth

2. Fridge interior

  • Take out all shelves and drawers.
  • Wash them normally with soap and water in the sink.
  • First degrease the fridge walls with soapy water or with a special cleaner.
  • Then wipe them with a disinfectant or vinegar water.

Wipe the fridge walls and removable parts dry before turning the fridge on. This will prevent frosting.

TIP: Do dry stains bother you and do you not have a cleaning agent handy? Try ammonia. Thin it with water in the ratio of 1:5. Apply this mixture on the stains, let it act a while and then wash the surface with clean water.

3. Door seal

A number of dangerous bacteria are often hidden in crevices. First vacuum clean dry deposits or sweep them out with a brush. Wash the rest with a damp rag. After cleaning thoroughly, you can apply mineral oil or mineral jelly to the rubber. The seal will remain elastic and will not crack.

4.  External part

  • If possible, move the fridge away from the wall to have comfortable access to it from all sides.
  • Just wipe the external surface with soapy water or spray it with a cleaning spray and polish.
  • The condenser and cooling fins also require your care. They are very often clogged with dust and impurities.
  • The condenser is best to clean with a fine brush with which you will remove all dirt and also avoid damage. A vacuum cleaner with a brush extension is also good. Do not use chemical cleaners.
  • Just wipe the cooling fins with a damp rag.

 For a beautiful gloss of metal surfaces without fingerprints, we recommend a cleaning spray for stainless steel. Use it for all stainless-steel appliances in your household.

5.  Drain

The dirty drain channel is one of the most frequent causes of a bad smell in the fridge. If the drain is clogged, the condensed water cannot flow out. A special brush, which is usually a part of the accessories, is used for cleaning. The same is also achieved with a long thin wire, a knitting needle or a common straw. You can remove the deposits with them easily and wipe the channel with a cloth with a cleaner or soapy water.

6.  5 tips for a nice-smelling fridge

Are you pleased with the well performed job and do you want the fridge maintain its nice aroma for as long as possible? Excellent natural odour absorbers are:

  • An apple cut in half
  • Vanilla sugar
  • Ground coffee
  • Lemon slices in a dish of water
  • A glass with vinegar

TIP: Do you often buy cheese, fish or smoked meat with a significant aroma? Place an odour absorber, for example, in the egg compartment.

How often should the fridge be washed?

The interior – ideally once a month. The condenser and cooling fins – once a year. An antibacterial PurifAir filter will make your work easier. It removes 70% of odours and most bacteria from the air in the appliance.

TIP: Do not forget to regularly defrost fridges without the NoFrost system. You will save energy and will extend the life of the appliance.


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