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5 steps to choose a microwave

When choosing a microwave, you must take into account several factors For instance, how it will be positioned, the volume, number of functions and consumption. Does it sound complicated? It shouldn’t. Just follow these 5 simple steps:

Step 1 - choose the type of microwave

There are 2 basic categories of microwaves depending on position - solitaire and built-in. They are similarly equipped. Therefore, choose depending on your kitchen layout and what goes best with it.

  • You can place solitaire microwaves on the kitchen counter or on the refrigerator. If necessary, they can be moved easily.
  • On the contrary, built-in microwaves are designed to be built directly into the kitchen cabinet. Moving them is complicated, but the uninterrupted clean design is worth it. But take note - it is important to choose built-in appliances with the same design, otherwise the effect is not as nice. The ideal solution is to buy a complete set of built-in appliances with the same colour and design.

TIP: The Whirlpool JT 479 IX microwave is consistently among the top models of solitaire microwave ovens. It has a number of clever functions, including pre-set recipes. It also appeared in the “Dream Home” television series.  

Step 2 - consider the size of the microwave

After you’ve chosen the type of appliance, consider its volume. The volume of standard microwave models is between 14 to 40 litres.

Think about:

  • how often you want to switch the microwave on,
  • what foods you will prepare in it,
  • for how many people.

If you are planning to use the microwave just to heat food, or defrost foods, an appliance with a smaller volume will be entirely sufficient. However, if you are planning to bake or prepare food for several people in the microwave, choose a larger model.

TIP: Always use special microwavable dishware and plastic dishes that are made for this type of heating. Other boxes can get overheated and deformed. What’s worse, some containers can even contaminate the food.

Step 3 - choose functions you will actually use

In terms of programming, you can choose from 3 basic types.

  1. The most common are monofunctional ovens, which specialise only in heating and defrosting food.
  2. Next to these are the very popular bifunctional ovens, which include for instances microwaves with a grill.
  3. Multifunctional microwaves can do much more. In addition to a grill, they can also have hot air or popular steam cooking. One unique feature is the patented Crisp baking technology in Whirlpool and Bauknecht microwaves. It takes care of perfectly baked, crispy meals, but in much less time than a conventional oven. It will make you a top chef in minutes!

TIP: A multifunctional microwave often performs the same functions as a conventional oven. This saves you time and money in the kitchen. 

Step 4 - consider the consumption of individual models.

When choosing the right microwave, keep an eye on 2 indicators - input and output of the appliance.

  • Output affects the speed of preparing meals. The higher the microwave output, the faster your meal will be ready. If you want a microwave with a grill, you should reach for an appliance with an output of at least 1000 W.
  • Input determines the electricity consumption. It is generally between 1,150 W and 3,000 W - naturally, the lower the number in the description, the more conservative the microwave is.

TIP: Clever Whirlpool microwaves with 6th Sense technology automatically set the required heating time and other parameters based on the weight of the food. This saves both energy and time.

Step 5 - choose the design and compare prices

In the end, forget about all the technical parameters and choose the winner from the shortlist based on your natural instinct. Visually.

When comparing individual designs, don’t forget about the door opening method, whether it is right-hand, left-hand or pull-down. Carefully consider how much each microwave costs and try to find the optimal price/performance ratio.

TIP: Don’t forget to keep track of the microwaves packaging and accessories. At AP Servis, we offer a complete range of original spare parts, accessories and ecological cleaners from the professional  WPro brand. Use of our brand name maintenance service is a matter of course. For most types, we also offer the option of extending the warrant to 5-8 years.

It is ideal if you view and touch the microwave in real life before buying. We will be happy to welcome you at our stone-and-mortar shop in Prague. We will help you choose the right type, present the benefits of the individual models and answer all of your questions.

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