5 helpers to ease baking

12/18/15 Tips & Tricks

Do you love the smell of freshly baked goodies throughout the house? Anybody who spends a lot of time in the kitchen knows how important the right tools are. We have selected several KitchenAid helpers that will make baking fun.

1.  The multipurpose slicer will cut fruit, vegetables, cheese and bread

Do you like making fruit pies? Then this slicer with stainless steel blades is sure to come in handy, creating perfectly even slices. The practical KitchenAid slicer is perfect for cutting other foods as well - vegetables, cheese or even bread. Just a few strokes are needed to prepare home-made fries or the perfect vegetable garnish for dinner.

2.  This set of culinary utensils will manage any kitchen task

It is also important to buy high-quality basic utensils. KitchenAid kitchen utensils are absolutely reliable and pleasant to handle. They will last for years without any signs of wear or rust. The set contains 17 kitchen utensils, which you will use for both baking and cooking. There is a peeler, grater, can opener, spatula, whisk and many other kitchen helpers.

 3.  Pie baking tin that requires no hand scrubbing

Baking pies and cakes is pleasant until the moment when you have to get rid of all the stuck pieces. The encrusted bits stick to the tin like glue, which means you usually have to soak them and then scrub them with all your might. This often results in clean, but scratched dishware. You definitely won’t have this problem with the KitchenAid pie tin. It is resistant to scratching and is dishwasher safe, which means you no longer have to spend time scrubbing after baking dessert.

  4.  A rolling pin that’s nice to look at and doesn’t tear dough

The ideal rolling pin easily handles even tougher material and is comfortable in the hands. This first-class item from the KitchenAid workshop also features brilliant design, so you can even use it for decoration. The black-and-red design will look great in any kitchen that features red tones, while the black model will fit into practically any interior. The rolling pin has rubber-coated handles which are pleasant to hold and a non-stick metal surface that will not tear the dough.

  5.  The tireless kitchen mixer

We’ve saved the greatest helper of all for last - household kitchen mixers. They will save you heaps of time when baking and help you achieve the best results. They will mix the dough ingredients perfectly and take care of fantastically fluffy and smooth creams.

Anybody who has ever prepared leavened bun dough by hand knows how strenuous it is. The perfect melting of sugar into butter cream can also take ages. But not with a kitchen mixer. It will take care of everything and in the meantime you can enjoy more pleasant activities.

KitchenAid mixers are the cutting edge. In addition to being perfectly stable, solid and resistant, they also feature a unique design. The basic model is manufactured in an amazing 27 colours. It would be incredible not to find one that matches your kitchen among them.


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