3 reasons to buy appliances in a set

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1. You will save

Based on data from the Czech Statistical Office (CSO), household appliances are the 3rd most common goods purchased online. And it’s no surprise. The prices of individual products are often much lower than in stone-and-mortar stores. You pay even less for appliance sets: It is no exception that the individual units in the set work out to be more than 20% cheaper!

TIP: Are you unsure as to which appliance brand to choose? A safe bet in the area of household appliances is a traditional set by Whirlpool with efficient 6th Sense. It gets great ratings from both Czech consumers and independent surveys.

2. Everything will match perfectly

The individual sets are carefully put together by retailers using products from the same design series, which match in terms of look and dimensions. Hence, you don’t have to bother with tiresome measuring and checking if the individual pieces match before buying - the dealer has already done all this for you. What’s more, you will avoid aesthetic mismatches among appliances, where each model has a different shade or different controls. It is these details - like the shape of edges or individual handles or buttons - that create the overall effect. In a set, everything matches and creates an appealing compact whole.

TIP: If you want to buy an original set with products of the same design series, check our offer of appliance sets based on design. There is a choice for those who prefer traditional, modern or rustic kitchens alike. The resulting impression will be almost professional!

3. You will have a fully equipped kitchen in one day

Another indisputable advantage is the same date of delivery. If you are reconstructing your kitchen or furnishing your entire apartment, gradual changes and continuous disorder can be very tiring. But if you order an appliance set, you will get them all together on one day. Everything will be installed, connected and cleaned up at once.

Sets you can order from us

We offer both classic solitaire sets of appliances, or the very popular built-in sets. They are composed of standard kitchen and bathroom helpers (washers and dryers). In addition to Whirlpool products, you will also find other famous brands such as Indesit, Hotpoint, Bauknecht and small KitchenAid appliances.

TIP: Are you planning to buy a new kitchen robot? Buy it in a practical set with accessories, which you thus get for a fraction of the normal price. We have prepared superior quality Kitchen Aid sets, featured in an array of colours.

You haven’t found the set that suits you?

No problem. Visit our set configurator. Simply choose the preferred brand and type of appliances you need (washer, dryer, fridge...). Add your budget options and we will prepare a customised offer for you.

We also offer WPro brand-name accessories and authorised warranty and post-warranty servicing for all our products - including the retail sale of spare parts. Enjoy cooking in your new kitchen and leave appliance care up to us!


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