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Silent washers with ZEN technology: no disturbance in the daytime or at night

Quiet, gentle to laundry, yet powerful. Yes, washers like this do exist. They are labelled ZEN and work so quietly that you will almost want to check if they are running at all.

The time is finally up for noisy washing machines!

Remember the times when appliances jumped around the flat dangerously and made so much noise that double doors couldn’t keep it out? Luckily, those times are long gone. Today, you don’t have to lock the bathroom door to keep your washer from running off. Washers with ZEN technology are silent and have no vibrations.

The quietest washers boast ZEN technology

In December 2012, top-loading washers with the unique ZEN technology were chosen as the quietest on the market. And they are doing great even today. The innovative ZEN technology thus offers quality induction motors, most of which have an automatic 10-year warranty.

How does the ZEN motor work?

Most noise in washers is made by the motor and pump. This is why ZEN technology focuses on these two areas. It replaces the convention belt drive with a high-performance traction motor that spins the drum directly. This allows for excellent water drainage even at lower rotations. This reduces vibrations and noise while improving efficiency and reliability. ZEN technology saves up to 30% of water, energy and your time. Moreover, it offers a range of special programs to care for specific types of fabric.

Turn on the washer even at night with no concern

If you want the washer to be even quieter, use the Night Eco/Overnight program. It will ensure undisturbed sleep during the night and in the morning you will find perfectly laundered clothes. If you are not enthusiastic about top-loading, you will be happy to know that this technology is not limited to one system. Front-loading washers are also offered with this clever ZEN technology.

How better to understand decibels

If you want to get a quiet washer, you should focus on the part of the offer concerning noise, expressed in decibels. Sometimes, it may be difficult to imagine real noise under the specific number. For instance, if the laundering noise is 49 dB and the spinning noise is 69 dB, as in the case of the Whirlpool FSCR 90423 washer, is it a lot or not?

Comparing various models can help, or converting the number to a level of noise that you are familiar with in everyday life. For instance, deep silence and still wind is at a level of 20 dB, whispering creates 30 dB of noise, a ticking clock is about 35 dB, soft rain 50 dB, normal conversation 60 dB, television noise 70 dB, the vacuum cleaner or loud music 80 dB and a train 90 dB.

Our tip: View all the silent washers with up to 51 dB currently on offer.

Did you know that you can reduce the washer noise yourself?

Even a really quiet washer can surprise us sometimes with its noise repertoire. Sometimes we don’t realise that the noise of the appliance is also affected by external factors. For instance, if the washer is not standing on all four legs, or is in a room without muffling items like carpets or curtains, the noise may resonate through the room more.

TIP: If you want to reduce the noise in your household even more, built even solitaire appliances directly into the furniture. In general, it applies that noise can be reduced by building them in.

AP Servis offers quiet washers by Whirlpool and Hotpoint. All you have to do is choose. We have both solitaire and built-in models. We will be happy to help you choose, find the ideal model for your household and of course provide you with quality servicing.

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