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6th Sense in Whirlpool Appliances: you will be surprised how much it can do

The dishwasher itself chooses the best program, the fridge maintains the ideal climate and the oven regularly checks the condition of cooked foods. It’s not Sci-Fi. It's 6th Sense in Whirlpool appliances.

6th Sense saves you lots of work and money

Whirlpool introduced the unique patented 6th Sense technology to the Czech market in 1997. This was also the year in which the complete range of Whirlpool appliances started being imported to the country. Since then, products of this brand have undergone major development. But the basic idea remains the same - make chores as easy for you as possible. And conserve costs and the green planet at the same time.

How does 6th Sense technology work in the individual appliances?

Washers and dryers

Whirlpool washers and dryers compare the clothes put in them with the chosen program and determine the washing and drying parameters accordingly. But that’s not all. Their 6th Sense continuously evaluates progress and adjusts the defined parameters even during the running cycle. As a result, the washers save up to 50% of water, time and energy compared to classic models. The dryers monitor the level of humidity and terminate the cycle automatically as soon as the clothes are dry.

TIP: Whirlpool continuously pursues the development of smart technologies. For instance, the Whirlpool FSCR 12440 washer has the 6th Sense Live function, which enables remote control of the appliance. Just download the application to your mobile or tablet and then you can switch on the washer, change the settings or check its status while at work. Other Whirlpool appliances will gradually be equipped with the 6th Sense Live function.

Refrigerators and freezers

Kitchen appliances boast this intelligent function too. For instance, Whirlpool fridges and freezers permanently control the temperature inside the appliance and adjust it instantly if there is any discrepancy. Fridges with 6th Sense balance the temperature 5 times faster than regular fridges. This helps maintain optimal climatic and hygienic conditions and keeps food fresh for up to 4 times longer.  Freezers also take care of maintaining a stable temperature, thus saving up to 30% of energy.

Hobs and hoods

Non-stop control of the situation on the cooking surface is typical for Whirlpool hobs and hoods. Induction hobs with 6th Sense are equipped with sensors that continuously monitor the temperature of the pot and know when the water inside reaches boiling point. Then they maintain it even after the ingredients are added.

The course of cooking can also be controlled by the equally smart Whirlpool hood. Models with 6th Sense automatically detect the amount of smoke, heat and steam. As soon as the food starts steaming, the hood switches on, sets the appropriate suction level and switches off again once the air reaches optimum condition.


You don’t have to preheat Whirlpool ovens with 6th Sense before baking. Another advantage is intuitive food preparation. With 6th Sense, you don’t have to weigh the food or look for the optimal cooking time in a cookbook. The oven itself will take care of perfect baking results. Your food will be controlled by 2 sensors the entire time. One checks the weight of the food, the other monitors its internal temperature. Based on their continuous measuring, the oven adjusts the cooking time.

TIP: In addition to 6th Sense, this brand has another primacy. Modern ovens, such as the Jet Chef Whirlpool multipurpose ovens, boast the patented Crisp bake function, with which you can easily make a juicy roast beef and fantastically crispy pizza.


Whirlpool dishwashers with 6th Sense technology decide on their own which program and temperature are ideal for washing the given load. During the running cycle, they monitor the level of water pollution, amount of floating debris and resulting foam. This information is transmitted to the control unit every 10 seconds. It then gradually adjusts the washing intensity, water temperature and time required to perfectly wash the dishes. The cycle then switches off automatically. As a result, you save up to 30% of energy, water and time compared to a regular dishwasher.

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