08/23/16 Technology

6th Sense in Whirlpool Appliances: you will be surprised how much it can do

The dishwasher itself chooses the best program, the fridge maintains the ideal climate and the oven regularly checks the condition of cooked foods. It’s not Sci-Fi. It's 6th Sense in Whirlpool appliances.

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06/10/16 Technology

Silent washers with ZEN technology: no disturbance in the daytime or at night

Quiet, gentle to laundry, yet powerful. Yes, washers like this do exist. They are labelled ZEN and work so quietly that you will almost want to check if they are running at all.

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04/25/16 Technology

Supreme Care washers and dryers: 7 features that beat the competition

Are you looking for a new washer or dryer? Get to know the top-class products form the Supreme Care series. You will love their incredibly quiet motor and extra delicate treatment of laundry.

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01/27/16 Technology

Introducing the iXelium™ technology: 3 reasons why you will love it

Are you concerned that your stainless steel appliances will get scratched during the first week and they colour will fade after a year? Do you hate scrubbing dirt and sticky leftovers? Reach for products with the magic word iXelium™ in their name, and never worry about these things again.

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