06/22/17 Recipes

How to make home-made ice cream without an ice cream maker? It’s simple!

The best, and also the most pleasant, defense against heat is putting something cold in the stomach. Our recipes for cream and curd cheese ice cream can thus also save human lives.

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06/08/17 Recipes

RECIPE: Sponge Swiss roll with strawberries and ricotta-cord cheese filling

Summer sponge roll, which always turns out well, practically begs you to slice into it. The feathery dough and filling won’t fill you up, they will just put you in a nice mood for the rest of the day. Such a tiny sin won’t hurt any guest.

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05/17/17 Recipes

How to roast the best roast beef in a microwave or a classic oven?

English Roast beef is one of the most popular beef dishes. The thin slices are delicious both hot and cold just with bread. Here we go!

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02/09/17 Recipes

Do you Love Espresso? Make it like an Italian!

Do you like the smell of fresh coffee that excites all your senses? You don’t have to go to a café for a good espresso. Just follow these recommendations and you can make, at home, an espresso the way Italians do.

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12/15/16 Recipes

RECIPE: Almond Linz cookies with chia marmalade

Do you want to prepare a healthy version of traditional Linz cookies this year? Without white flour, sugar and eggs? Then be sure to save this recipe.

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11/24/16 Recipes

RECIPE: Raw Christmas balls with dates and seeds

Do you try to make at least one new type of Christmas cookie every year? The healthy options, ideally unbaked, are made for the purpose. But even fans of traditional baking will enjoy these simple balls. Just looking at them will create an amazing festive atmosphere..

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10/23/16 Recipes

Famous Pumpkin Soup in 2 different ways

We cannot imagine autumn without pumpkin soup. It warms up your body as well as your taste buds amazingly. No wonder it belongs to popular festive dishes in England, America and Switzerland.

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