We have revolutionised the ordering of spare parts and accessories

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This novelty will come as relieve to households and technicians alike

Thanks to the ability to find and directly order spare parts or accessories, you no longer have to contact the maintenance service with every minor issue - this saves time and money for deployment of a technician. For instance, you can easily repair a loose or broken knob yourself. It is just as easy to order the right rack for your oven or an extra basket for your dishwasher.

The new function will ease work for service technicians, who always had to contact us or another service coordinator for the Whirlpool brand family to order the right part. We have 2 affordable price levels prepared for wholesale buyers – please register and we will get back to you with the conditions we can offer.

What brands does it apply to?

In our maintenance e-shop at www.servis-whirlpool.cz, you will find detailed drawings of the latest and past series of appliances by Whirlpool, Bauknecht, Polar, Ignis, Hotpoint and Indesit.

How to proceed

  1. Go to www.servis-whirlpool.cz.
  2. Enter you appliance type into the full-text search field next to the logo - e.g. “AKP 244”.
  3. Choose your specific model based on the 12-digit EAN code. Hints on where to find the model number are available in our article about service tags.

Our tip! Now you can easily find appliances directly based on the EAN code. Always enter the code without spaces.

  1. Now you can see the detailed drawing including the ordering numbers of parts. You can add them to your cart immediately.
  2. For more complex replacements, we recommend directly ordering service repair as well.

Kitchen appliances from IKEA furniture stores are made in exclusive cooperation with the Whirlpool brand. Their service numbers start with the code 85 - please enter without spaces. If you have a problem concerning your appliance (not just from IKEA), contact us and we will choose the right part or accessory together.

Safe shopping at servis-whirlpool.cz

We care about the security of your shopping. This is why we have switched to secured HTTPS protocol starting from 23 May 2016. It automatically encrypts all send information to guarantee the maximum security of sensitive data.

How do you like the new function for ordering spare parts? We welcome any suggestions for improvement. Next month, we are planning improved graphics and other news.

We look forward to seeing you at the spotrebice-whirlpool.cz e-shop and the servis-whirlpool.cz maintenance website!


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