The head of spare parts warehouse Marek Proche: “At AP Servis, I like the people as well as the overall atmosphere.“

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Obtaining 90 service partners throughout the Czech Republic? No problem for Marek

AP Servis is one of the important administrators of warranty and post-warranty services of Whirlpool family appliances. More than 90 service partners throughout the Czech Republic now belong to us administratively. Marek dedicates most of his working day to them: He advises them on their orders of parts and ensures their preparation and shipping.

What does the managing of the spare parts warehouse in AP Servis mean?

The head of spare parts warehouse is responsible for ordering and receiving goods from the manufacturer and for timely shipping to our customers by our carriers. “Order processing is increasingly being automated. I also supervise related processes – reporting SMS notifications, webchat support and other agenda connected with the sale of parts. So, I am not bored at work at all,“ says Marek, smiling.

Along with the specialist Jirka Fuller, he forms the most experienced team in the Czech and Slovak Republics in the area of spare parts and accessories to Whirlpool family appliances. They both know every individual part of each model and they are happy to pass their experience on to customers.

Where are the branch trends heading?

Whereas previously we sold most of the spare parts to our service partners, today it is also possible for individuals to buy them. That is also thanks to our website, where it has been possible to find appliances drawn in detail with the possibility to order their parts since May 2016. So Everybody can do small repairs by themselves at home. That is the reason why the volume of sales has increased significantly and it is now necessary to automate more and more activities.

“Our smart storage system is continually being improved, so that we are able to process orders as fast and for our customers as efficiently as possible. At the issue counter in the center of Prague they will find the goods which are currently in the greatest demand without problems,“ promises Marek.

Mechanics sometimes also share a funny story

In 16 years of cooperation Marek has established close relationships with our internal and external mechanics. He considers them more friends than customers and with exaggeration we say that they cooperate almost 24 hours a day.

“Mechanics are cheerful people and they often share the funny stories that they experience during their trips. We sometimes experience them directly in the shop. For example, when somebody comes for a replacement handle to a fridge because it has been chewed up by a dog trying to get to food,” says Marek, laughing.

Do you want to become our service partners, or do you “just” want to ask about something? Contact us

We are happy to welcome you as our service partner. Just fill in this form.

Regarding the selection and delivery of spare parts for Whirlpool, Hotpoint, Indesit, Bauknecht, KitchenAid or Ignis and Polar appliances, please contact Marek directly:

Telephone: +420 227 191 729 or +420 224 191 731



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