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Spare parts specialist Jiří Fuller: “An agreement can be reached with any customer.”

What is behind the expertise of AP Servis? Primarily the experience and stability of the team. Everybody has a specific specialisation that they are dedicated to in the long term. For instance, spare parts dealer Jiří Fuller joined us right after school. It will be 20 years now!

A company’s wealth stands on people. What is Jiří Fuller’s “gold”?

His comprehensive knowledge of the Whirlpool product family. During 20  years of cooperation, he learns details every day about goods ranging from kitchen robots to semi-professional washers. As a spare parts specialist, he knows each product right down to the last screw. Because he also sells products, he actively follows trends in the sales concept.

“I used to focus mainly on establishing contacts and communication with partners, but today I focus more on retail and customer consultancy,” he describes his work.

If you need advice in choosing a spare part of accessory for your appliance, Jirka is the one to best advise you at AP Servis.

Logistics are ever more sophisticated, technology more complex

“As soon as an order appears in our system, I clear it and the driver loads everything up... It is ever faster and pressure on efficiency is of course increasing,” says Jirka. However, his main work content remains professional activity - e.g. updating the database with diagnostic metering used by the service technicians.

The world of household appliances is evolving incredibly fast. “Barely a day goes by without the appearance of a new product or technology. For instances, washers have come a very long way – where an ordinary belt drive used to be enough, there are now highly sophisticated electrical motors,” Jirka smiles. “But the continuous evolution is what I love about this job. As well as the team, which is almost like a big family,” he adds.

In what situations can Jirka help you?

  • When you are looking for accessories compatible with a specific product.
  • When you need help choosing or installing a spare part on your own.
  • When you need advice about proper maintenance and care for your household appliances.

Do you have questions about spare parts of appliance care? Contact Jirka.

Jirka will be happy to answer your questions about Whirlpool, Hotpoint, Indesit, Bauknecht, KitchenAid or Ignis and Polar appliances from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. and on Friday until 3 p.m.

Telephone: 227191729 or 31

E-mail: jiri.fuller@apservispraha.cz or objednavkynd@apservispraha.cz

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