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Report from the IFA 2016 trade fair: Smart homes become a reality

Connectivity and remote control of appliances have been a topic since 2014. It’s no surprise that the “smart home” was the central theme of the largest consumer electronics and home appliances trade fair in Europe. What did IFA 2016 bring in connection with Whirlpool family kitchen appliances?

A few words about the Berlin IFA trade fair

Every year in early September, the Messe Berlin exhibition grounds open their doors to all technology enthusiasts. Last year’s IFA 2015 trade fair was attended by over 240,000 visitors from more than 100 countries. New products and technologies were presented by more than 1,600 exhibitors. Look at our report from IFA 2015.

Whirlpool appliances were presented at last year’s trade fair for the first time ever and excelled in displaying new brands and functions. Hence, we were truly disappointed when we found out a few days before departing for Berlin that Whirlpool would not open its own stand at this year’s IFA. Nevertheless, we brought home a few interesting insights.

Exclusive partnership of Whirlpool and IBM Watson

Who could be more qualified in helping to develop models for smart homes than IBM? At the trade fair, it announced its partnership with several brands that are starting to use the IBM Watson technological platform. These include Whirlpool which IBM will assist in developing technologies for inter-communication between appliances and their remote control. For instance, the washer will send the dryer a signal during operation as to the type and quantity of laundry to expect. The dryer will then adjust the optimal drying time and program by itself.

“With these innovations, we want to make everyday household chores easier for our customers and leave them more time to do what they really enjoy,” said Norbert Schmidt, Vice-President for Whirlpool Product Development for the European region.

Whirlpool washers with remote control are already available in our offer.

Do you always forget clothes in the washer without starting the appropriate program? That is over now thanks to the 6th Sense Live application. Just download it to your mobile or tablet to get control over  your washer from anywhere. You can start washing or refreshing the clothes in the washer and check its technical status from the office or vacation. The first Whirlpool FSCR 12440 washers with this function are already in stock! You can soon look forward to similar smart dryers or coffee makers.

KitchenAid presents the stunning Artisan Mini robot

Are you longing for the legendary KitchenAid Artisan kitchen robot, but don’t have enough space at home? Then we have good news for you - the compact version of this ageless helper is coming to our market. Only its dimensions have been reduced - its function can easily complete with its larger colleague. It will be in stock soon!

Did these titbits from the IFA trade fair appeal to you? Do you live for new technologies like we do? Take a nice trip to Berlin! The fair is no from 2 to 7 September 2016 and the price for daily admission is 39 EUR. A photo report from the event is available on our Facebook page.

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