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Do smart homes appeal to you? Stop by the Building Fairs in Brno from 26 to 29 April.

Soon we won’t have to keep an eye on heating, air conditioning or lighting. Clever control systems will take care of everything. Come and try a model smart home first-hand at the Smart and Safe Home exhibition in Brno.

Smart home is one of the most discussed topics of the present – by everybody from heat pump manufacturers to furniture designers. They have a common goal - to maximally simplify household chores and give people more time to do what they enjoy. We at AP Servis welcome this trend not only in the most advanced household appliances.

What does a smart home do for you?

  • Regulates heating and air conditioning with connection to a weather station
  • Controls lighting and shading
  • Measures current energy consumption
  • Secures against theft, fire, emission and water leaks
  • Guards “danger zones” - e.g. prevents children from entering the pool

You can easily use remote control for a smart home - via the internet. For instance, you can turn on the heating, lights or music on your way home from work.

Fast return on investment

Smart electrical installation is about 20-40% more expensive than conventional. However, you will discover from the start that it ensures the optimal usage of all utilities. For instance, heating will not run in empty spaces. As a result, the investment will soon pay off and the benefits will outweigh it.

What are the other benefits apart from energy savings?

  1. One control system replaces multiple systems (heating, lighting, security). All of them communicate and never oppose each other.
  2. The system also has intuitive unified controls, which even children and seniors will understand. Everything is done with a few buttons on the wall.
  3. You can design and configure a smart home in cooperation with experts to meet your needs. Do you require an audio system in each room? No problem. You can always adapt the settings to the present situation.

Household appliances are smart too

Do you want freshly washed laundry ready for hanging to await you when you come home from work? Try the first remote controlled Whirlpool washing machine. You can change its settings or check its technical condition anywhere with an internet connection.

It has been the everlasting goal of appliance manufacturers to ease household chores. One example for all is the patented 6th Sense in Whirlpool appliances. With this function, the dishwasher or washing machine chooses the best program given the quantity and dirtiness of the content, the refrigerator maintains the ideal humidity and temperature and the oven bakes according to pre-set recipes without supervision. 6th Sense is continuously perfected to save you the most time and expenses.

Are you interested in smart homes? Visit the Brno Building Fair

From 26 to 29 April, you can admire and above all try out a specimen smart home with cutting-edge audio-visual equipment, home appliances and stylish furniture. The exhibit is in Pavilion F of the Brno Building Fair. AP Servis is a proud media partner.

Photo source: Jasyko archive 

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