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AP Servis has decided to support the Lunch for Kids project. Will you join?

Thousands of pupils in the Czech Republic don’t eat lunch with their friends. Unfortunately, their parents can’t afford it. With Lunch for Kids, you too can give the needy a few small miracles.

How do Lunches for Kids work?

It is a charity project by the public welfare society WOMEN FOR WOMEN. Since 2013, they have allowed more than 10,000 needy children to have lunch at school canteens. These are selected families that cooperate with the school without problems. They simply don’t have enough money to send their children to school lunches or events.

Every pupil deserves a “few small miracles”

School lunch is not “just” food for children. It is a part of their childhood. Not having to go home right after school. Spending a bit of time with friends and enjoying careless moments of joy.

Sympathetic principles of the project

  • Simplicity and effectiveness
  • Fast and direct assistance
  • Anonymity of pupils and parents
  • Cooperation with the school
  • Down to the last koruna

The charity project WOMEN for WOMEN, which oversees the event, supports women in need and helps them find a new home. In cooperation with Whirlpool, we donated new appliances to the program of supported housing. We have been supporting Lunches for Kids since March 2017.

Do you want to contribute? Any donation helps

Just a 25 CZK donation will allow one pupil to sit down to a hot soup and hearty main course. A 125 CZK donation is enough for a whole week, and 500 CZK for a whole month for one pupil.

Society’s transparent account number: 888 555 999/5500

On this account, you can check the withdrawal of funds, 100% of which are used to pay for school lunches for needy children. All the information including contacts is available at www.obedyprodeti.cz.

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