AP Servis at the 25th anniversary celebration of Whirlpool on the Czech and Slovak market

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On Thursday and Friday, 12 and 13 October 2017, a long-awaited event took place in Poprad, Slovakia - the 25th anniversary celebration of the Whirlpool brand in CZ and SK, combined with the introduction of a new series of FreshCare+ washers and dryers.

AP Servis, as one of the leading business partners, could not be missing from the event. We were particularly curious about the tour of the factory in Poprad and the introduction of the new appliance series. We also documented the entire event on Twitter under the hashtag #WhirlpoolEvent.

A full two-day program

Tatry, Poprad, Whirlpool

Immediately after the welcome on Thursday, we enjoyed a full program with a trip to Skalnaté pleso. The official program including the presentation of new washers and dryers began at 7 p.m. We informed you about the advantages of the new FreshCare+ series on our blog at the end of summer.

The evening was hosted by Jakub Prachař. The word was also passed to the CEO of Whirlpool CZ and SK Lukasz Sylwester, the director of the Poprad factory Michal Major, and marketing director for Whirlpool CZ and SK Jakub Kadlec. They all agreed that the new Whirlpool washers with FreshCare+ technology will be a top product with maximum marketing support.

Poprad factory: Largest centre for automatic washer production in the Whirlpool EMEA region

On the second day, we took a tour of the production facility. As aptly noted by factory director Michal Major: “It all began in Poprad, the city beneath the Tatra mountains, 25 years ago.” At the time, washers were made here under the Tatramat brand. Today, it is the largest production plant of automatic washers in the Whirlpool EMEA region (includes Europe, Middle East and Africa).

whilpool factory poprad

Interesting facts about the Poprad factory:

  • Up to 2.6 million new washers leave the plant every year. If you buy a new top or front loaded Whirlpool washer, it most likely came from Poprad.
  • At full operation, a new appliance leaves the production line every 7 seconds.
  • In its 25 years of existence, in incredible 38 million washers have been made at the factory.
  • The compound is also home to other companies manufacturing components (plastics, weights...). Every day, another 160 trucks with parts from around the world arrive at the plant.
  • The factory currently has 1,400 employees with an average age of 38 years.
  • The compound has its own railway siding, from which products are ecologically exported to other countries - especially Nordic ones.

The plant also boasts the fastest washer conveyor. It allows the production of 10,000 new appliances every day. The automation process will soon progress even more - the plant got an extra budget for testing the new Industry 4.0 platform. It will start in 2020. It promises higher energy efficiency, faster logistics and overall more effective production.

We hereby thank Whirlpool CZ and SK for inviting us to this well-organised event, especially for the opportunity to visit the premises of the strictly guarded washer and component production. We wish the Poprad factory success in all its plans in the coming years.

TIP: Read our report from the factory in Radomsko, Poland.


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