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7 questions for Jakub Kadlec, Marketing Director of Whirlpool CZ & SK

Whirlpool Corporation recently expanded to include the new brands Indesit and Hotpoint. What’s more, it’s celebrating its 25th birthday. We took the opportunity to interview the new marketing director at Whirlpool for the Czech and Slovak Republics.

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5 simple steps to install a new washing machine

Have you bought a new washing machine that you want to install without help from experts? It’s a piece of cake with our advice.

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7 foods that don’t belong in the fridge

Do you put all the groceries in the fridge when you come home from the supermarket? Careful - there are foods that don’t belong in the fridge. The cold breaks down their structure and harms the taste and composition. Which ones are they?

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Learn to make pizzeria-style pizza dough

Are you craving a good Italian pizza? Heat the oven to the highest temperature, mix the dough, let it rest a while and bake it for 10 minutes. This recipe for home-made pizza is super simple!

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Laundry with FreshCare+: Enjoy fresh, clean-smelling clothes softened with steam

New Whirlpool FreshCare+ washing machines will ensure that you take your laundry out not just perfectly clean and fresh smelling, but also lightly aerated. Find out how this clever novelty works.

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Spacer for washer and dryer: Saves space and effort + Contest for 3 spacers

Don’t waste space in the bathroom - with clever spacers, you can stand the washer and dryer on top of the other. Find out how to choose and install them correctly. There is also a contest for 3 free spacers!

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Review of the New Whirlpool FWG91484W EU Washer

The range of free-standing front-load washers has been recently extended with a new Whirlpool model designated FWG91484W EU. What are the greatest pros and cons of this washer, which you can currently buy for CZK 9,900? You can find out it in the lines below.

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