03/09/17 Tips & Tricks

The End of Czech-style “Turkish Coffee” in Bohemia: A comprehensive overview of coffee courses around the Czech Republic

Does your morning coffee fail to smell, taste and give you a kick as it should? Maybe you keep making any number of the needless mistakes during its preparation. Eliminate them and enjoy any of these popular coffee-making courses.

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03/01/17 Tips & Tricks

Household versus Child: Appliances on red alert

This is not only in respect of your daily routine or a new bedroom for the baby, but also in respect of many seemingly ordinary things operating in your household. What are they?

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02/17/17 Tips & Tricks

How to Choose a Washing Machine? Do not just Consider the Brand!

Every washing machine can do the washing but the results can differ a lot. If you want to avoid struggling with creased garments or being on the verge of a breakdown over your electricity bills, choose your washing machine with careful consideration.

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02/09/17 Recipes

Do you Love Espresso? Make it like an Italian!

Do you like the smell of fresh coffee that excites all your senses? You don’t have to go to a café for a good espresso. Just follow these recommendations and you can make, at home, an espresso the way Italians do.

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Our sales team: The right choice when selecting appliances

The main component of our company is the sales department, which will be your right hand when selecting a new appliance for your household or business facility. You will find us in the showroom, on the phone, e-mail and social networks.

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01/12/17 Tips & Tricks

Cheat sheet for easy navigation of laundry symbols

Do the symbols on clothing labels remind you of Chinese characters? You’re not alone. Keep this simple cheat sheet handy and it will all be clear.

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01/05/17 Tips & Tricks

5 tricks to extend the lifetime of your dishwasher

A dishwasher saves precious time, water, energy and money. In order to serve you well for a long time, observe the following rules when using it:

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