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Recipe: Vitamin salad with beetroot and almonds

A traditional ingredient served in an untraditional way - that is exactly what the beetroot is like in our salad, which tastes great and is healthy and full of vitamins and minerals. Literally, this recipe is an ideal example of how to make a complete meal in the winter.


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New KitchenAid Experience Store in London: You should not miss out on it

Are you going to London? Stop by at the newly opened “KitchenAid Experience Store”: Presentation of this top kitchen equipment of the most premier brand of the Whirlpool Corporation family.


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CES 2018 in Las Vegas: Whirlpool receives awards and brings the smart home a step closer

The history of CES (Consumer Electric Show) goes all the way back to 1967, when the 250 exhibitors presented for the first time new industrial trends in New York City. Over the next 50 years, the event has grown to be more than 10 times larger: in 2018, 3,900 companies from 150 countries presented their latest products in Vegas.


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Christmas Sweets: Healthy gluten-free peanut Christmas balls

Try these healthy gluten-free sweets. Their preparation will not take up much of your time. The combination of chickpeas, peanuts and dark chocolate is unrivalled. We recommend doubling the ingredients and making an extra batch of Christmas balls: as they are highly addictive.


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How to Clean an Electric Kettle Inside and Out while Saving Money and the Environment

Calcium deposits are the main cause of damage to your electric kettle. Do you leave water in it all day? Then you have to clean this appliance more often.


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How to choose an induction hob?

With induction, you can cook quickly and effectively, with minimum operating costs and safety risks. Compared to a classic glass ceramic hob, it is up to 30% more efficient. How to choose the best induction hob for your kitchen?


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Review of the Indesit DFG 15B10 dishwasher

The free-standing Indesit dishwasher is among the more affordable models on the market, but it isn’t evident in its washing or drying abilities, which are both perfect. However, the performance is lower in terms of functions and equipment, where the lower purchase price is obvious. It belongs to energy class A+ and can hold up to 13 sets of dishes.


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AP Servis at the 25th anniversary celebration of Whirlpool on the Czech and Slovak market

On Thursday and Friday, 12 and 13 October 2017, a long-awaited event took place in Poprad, Slovakia - the 25th anniversary celebration of the Whirlpool brand in CZ and SK, combined with the introduction of a new series of FreshCare+ washers and dryers.


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How to choose a laundry dryer

Combined or independent? Condensation or ventilation? Do you want the best dryer and keep hesitating which one it is? Read our advice and choose one that will serve even 10 years from now.


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7 questions for Jakub Kadlec, Marketing Director of Whirlpool CZ & SK

Whirlpool Corporation recently expanded to include the new brands Indesit and Hotpoint. What’s more, it’s celebrating its 25th birthday. We took the opportunity to interview the new marketing director at Whirlpool for the Czech and Slovak Republics.