Our sales team: The right choice when selecting appliances

The main component of our company is the sales department, which will be your right hand when selecting a new appliance for your household or business facility. You will find us in the showroom, on the phone, e-mail and social networks.

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01/12/17 Tips & Tricks

Cheat sheet for easy navigation of laundry symbols

Do the symbols on clothing labels remind you of Chinese characters? You’re not alone. Keep this simple cheat sheet handy and it will all be clear.

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01/05/17 Tips & Tricks

5 tricks to extend the lifetime of your dishwasher

A dishwasher saves precious time, water, energy and money. In order to serve you well for a long time, observe the following rules when using it:

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12/29/16 Tips & Tricks

9 questions for the new owner of the Whirlpool MAX 38 microwave

Markéta from Kroměříž recently replaced her 15-year-old microwave with a brand new model, which among other allows the preparation of hot chocolate. We asked whether she is satisfied and which functions she has tried.

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12/15/16 Recipes

RECIPE: Almond Linz cookies with chia marmalade

Do you want to prepare a healthy version of traditional Linz cookies this year? Without white flour, sugar and eggs? Then be sure to save this recipe.

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11/28/16 Tips & Tricks

How to choose a range hood? Ask yourself these 3 questions and it will be clear!

Do you need a new range hood? We will advise you on how to choose to keep the air in your kitchen fresh and clean.

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11/24/16 Recipes

RECIPE: Raw Christmas balls with dates and seeds

Do you try to make at least one new type of Christmas cookie every year? The healthy options, ideally unbaked, are made for the purpose. But even fans of traditional baking will enjoy these simple balls. Just looking at them will create an amazing festive atmosphere..

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