11/09/16 Tips & Tricks

Review of Whirlpool FSCR 12440 smart washing machine

Keenly awaited news – the first smart washing machine with the possibility of control via the Internet – has arrived on the market. Tomáš from the AP team became its proud owner this week. How does he evaluate it?

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Pre-Christmas competition for KitchenAid jug kettle

Christmas is approaching fast. Diligent housewives are planning their cleaning and many of us have already come up with the first presents. Get the right at-mosphere with our pre-Christmas competition! Just one single comment on Facebook and a beautiful kettle can be yours.

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10/23/16 Recipes

Famous Pumpkin Soup in 2 different ways

We cannot imagine autumn without pumpkin soup. It warms up your body as well as your taste buds amazingly. No wonder it belongs to popular festive dishes in England, America and Switzerland.

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10/12/16 Tips & Tricks

How to find the best home coffeemakers

An average Czech consumes over 3 kg of coffee a year. Thanks to modern coffeemakers you do not have to go to a restaurant to enjoy top-notch espres-so, latte or cappuccino.

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10/06/16 Tips & Tricks

KitchenAidArtisan food processor – 12 kilos of handy iron

Are you thinking of buying a handy KitchenAid mixer? We asked Jana from Muffinarium.cz, a food blogger, for her opinion on this helper she works with almost daily.

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10/06/16 Tips & Tricks

How to defrost and clean your freezer in 6 quick steps

Is the interior of your freezer decorated with a layer of ice? It is time to defrost it. Just one centimetre of ice increases consumption by up to 75 %!

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The head of spare parts warehouse Marek Proche: “At AP Servis, I like the people as well as the overall atmosphere.“

Another essential member of our team is Marek Proche. He has been acquir-ing experience in AP Servis since 2000. He closely works with our service partners. He is also happy to help other customers with the selection of spare parts and accessories.

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