Introducing the new AP blog in English

Because we have the biggest showroom specialized on Whirlpool Corp. appliances in the heart of Prague, a lot of our lovely customers speak only English. They often ask us how to choose the best one or how to clean it properly. That´s why we invite you to visit our new blog.

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Report from the IFA 2016 trade fair: Smart homes become a reality

Connectivity and remote control of appliances have been a topic since 2014. It’s no surprise that the “smart home” was the central theme of the largest consumer electronics and home appliances trade fair in Europe. What did IFA 2016 bring in connection with Whirlpool family kitchen appliances?

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08/29/16 Recipes

Recipe: Microwave meatballs with creamy polenta

A satisfying dinner in 20 minutes? No problem with Whirlpool microwave ovens with the unique Crisp baking function! Try delicious meatballs - a great idea by Italian chefs. Sure to please at home or at parties with friends.

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08/23/16 Technology

6th Sense in Whirlpool Appliances: you will be surprised how much it can do

The dishwasher itself chooses the best program, the fridge maintains the ideal climate and the oven regularly checks the condition of cooked foods. It’s not Sci-Fi. It's 6th Sense in Whirlpool appliances.

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Spare parts specialist Jiří Fuller: “An agreement can be reached with any customer.”

What is behind the expertise of AP Servis? Primarily the experience and stability of the team. Everybody has a specific specialisation that they are dedicated to in the long term. For instance, spare parts dealer Jiří Fuller joined us right after school. It will be 20 years now!

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08/05/16 Tips & Tricks

3 reasons to buy appliances in a set

Don’t pay more than necessary for new appliances. It pays off to buy household helpers in sets. Not just in financial terms, but also because of their matching design and practical installation.

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07/18/16 Recipes

3 heavenly smoothie recipes from the blender

Do you need a morning pick-me-up or are you feeling peckish during the day? Enjoy a delicious cocktail that’s good for your health. We have 3 simple recipes for first-rate smoothies.

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